Ft. Field Music, Anna Burch, Kyle Craft, Bardo Pond, CHVRCHES

Another week of Prime Cuts of new music, our more recent discoveries are Michigan’s Anna Burch who delivered an impressive debut of lo-fi pop.  The energetic Kyle Craft, is the love child of Dylan and Jagger, his return is confident and punchy.  We also discovered that Bardo Pond, are clocking in nearly 30 years of psychedelic music that draws the listener into the unknown.

  • Artist Field Music
  • Cut No King No Princess
  • Label Memphis Industries
  • Field Sunderland, United Kingdom
  • Flocks Electro Indie Pop
  • Flavours Of Talking Heads, The Shins, Django Django

On their 6th studio album in 13 odd years, brothers Peter and David Brewis deliver an ever evolving eclectic pop sound, intricate and complicated, yet on ‘No King No Princess’, we find the artists deliver something of mass appeal. Comparative to their last album Commontime, the brothers sound somewhat joyous and celebratory, while never losing the unorthodox approach to crafting unconventional music. A humbleness of great proportions.

  • Artist  Anna Burch
  • Cut Tea-Soaked Letter
  • Label  Polyvinyl
  • Field Michigan, USA
  • Flocks Alternative Singer/Songwriter, Lo-Fi
  • Flavours Of  Belle & Sebastian, Waxahatchee, The Concretes

‘Tea-Soaked Letter’, delivers from Burch’s debut album Quite The Curse, a collection of often individually placed cuts of music that collectively present as an assortment of treats with varying lingering flavours.  With abundant experience playing in various bands the last few years, this debut shows an artist with a lot to share.  Early days for an artist who will no doubt offer so much more in years to come.

  • Artist Kyle Craft
  • Cut Fever Dream Girl
  • Label Sub Pop
  • Field Louisiana
  • Flocks Alternative Rock
  • Flavours Of Sunflower Bean, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Primal Scream

Often noted as the lovechild of the Stones and Dylan, Kyle Craft has a knack for writing musical cuts that project into timelessness. Signed to the non-genre specific record label Sub-Pop, Craft’s sophomore album continues the artists love and exploration for classic rock with a fat lick of the alternative. ‘Fever Dream Girl’ rocks with a punchy chorus and Craft’s now unmistakable confident vocal ability.

  • Artist Bardo Pond
  • Cut Power Children
  • Label Fire Records
  • Field Philadelphia, USA
  • Flocks Space Rock
  • Flavours Of Flying Saucer Attack, Bowery Electric, Hammock

Bardo Pond’s music is less singles as such, more experiences, sessions (if you will), moments in time of music that are recorded and delivered.  Their catalogue of musical experiences stretches nearly 30 years and still the band refuse to give in to any sort of commercial acceptance, instead digging dip into a world where exploration reigns, and what is found, well nobody knows.  ‘Power Children’ is a nice introduction (and short) to those who need a starting point to spend a heck of a light of time exploring an extensive back catalogue. Lose yourself.

  • Artist CHVRCHES
  • Cut Get Out
  • Label Glassnote Music
  • Field Glasgow, Scotland
  • Flocks Synth Pop 
  • Flavours Of  Frou Frou, Grimes, Milk & Bone

Glaswegians CHVRCHES make unashamed, quintessential synth pop music and have done since their debut in 2013, quickly gaining momentum with their super punchy live appeal, thanks to lead singer Lauren Mayberry, her presence strong, her look, demure. ‘Get Out’ is perhaps a little more aggressive than their previous work, but maintains the up-beat pop punk elements that we expect from the trio.