Verge Collection (Perth) Rich Aucoin (Nova Scotia) Jareth (London) Lost Colours (Leeds) Dark Dark Horse (Leicester)

We have a return to Weaning Lambs this week, specifically, Perth’s Verge Collection, who consistently deliver exceptional pop music with a distinctive Australian flair with universal appeal and influence. On the flip side we deliver Leed’s Lost Colours a duo who create a wall of beautiful tones with vocal help from someone special, while another British duo, Dark Dark Horse delivers a blend of melody and shoegaze. The music video by Rich Aucoin is animation brilliance in itself and London’s Jareth has a voice to capture a global audience.


  • Artist  Verge Collection
  • Cut  Feelin’ Old
  • Field  Perth, Australia
  • Flocks  Australiana Indie Pop
  • Flavours Of  Real Estate, Cloud Nothings

Since their debut appearance on Weaning Lambs some time back, we now sense a slight maturity in the band’s music. Remaining lyrically clever and poetic, Feelin’ Old certainly shows a band maturing in sound and direction, a telling sign of a band who have a lot more to offer as months roll on. Tightly wrapped bundle of jangle pop goodness.

  • Artist  Rich Aucoin
  • Cut  The Middle
  • Field  Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Flocks  Electro Dream Pop
  • Flavours Of  Mercury Rev, Lykke Li, Goldfrapp

The video itself is enough to celebrate, musically Rich Aucion combines gliding synths and subtle beats, but its Aucion’s vocals that make the music rise way above many of the same genre.  The middle is an emotive journey that is both captivating and heart-felt.

  • Artist  Jareth
  • Cut  Kaleidoscope
  • Field  London, UK
  • Flock  Electro Soul
  • Flavours Of  All Saints, Duffy, Matina Topley-Bird

Hard to believe this is one of London based electro-soul artist Jareth’s debut cuts, the production of Kaleidoscope is masterful. A minimal percussion verse allows Jareth’s voice to draw attention, with a chorus that lifts a notch, kind of makes you think, even as A Cappella, we would be equally captivated. Seriously engaging and strikingly soulful.

  • Artist  Lost Colours
  • Cut  One Space Left
  • Field  Leeds, UK
  • Flocks  Electronic
  • Flavours Of  The Helio Sequence, French Kicks, I Break Horses

Through a wall of beautiful soundscapes, their is a rich tapestry of melody and optimism that surrounds Lost Colours brilliant debut cut ‘One Space Left’, featuring vocals by Nouvelle Vague’s Rebekah Dobbins. This is electronic symphony done by musicians who understand the importance of frequency perfection that takes many listens to understand.  A true accomplishment and a stunning debut.

  •  Cut  And Then We Had Nothing At All
  • Field  Leicester, UK
  • Flocks  Melodic, Ethereal
  • Flavours Of  Slowdive, Porcelain Raft, Still Corners

A concoction of delicately layered synths, violins, beats and vocals swirl into something of melodic beauty that treads the line of electronic ambience and “shoegaze”. The coming together of Jamie Ward (producer/multi-instrumentalist) and James Stafford (vocalist) is a celebration of two talents finding a happy middle ground.