Ft. Cavern of Anti-Matter, Embrace, HINDS, Of Montreal, Lea Porcelain

With every Prime Cut of music we post, we endeavour to help you understand the music we choose.  Each cut has a Flavours Of, where we connect you with similar artists/bands you may also like OR those bands you know that connect you with our Prime Cut.  We also connect with you each Record Label too, we call these Flocks, so you can dive deeper into the band and the machine behind them.  It’s all part of the experience of exploring new music.  This week another eclectic mix to satisfy many tastes, enjoy as you will.

  • Artist: Cavern of Anti-Matter
  • Cut: Make Out Fade Out
  • Label: Duophonic
  • Field: Berlin, Germany
  • Flocks: Krautrock, Experimental Electronic
  • Flavours Of: Warm Digits, Dutch Uncles, Klaus Johann Grobe

Long standing and hugely influential british electro-pop group Stereolab’s founder/guitarist Tim Gane and drummer Joe Dilworth continue to dive incredibly deep into the Krautrock and gritty electro world under the guise of Cavern of Anti-Matter, with help from synth player/general electronic manipulator Holger Zapf.  Make Out Fade Out, continues this journey of discovery with an unsettling results  of sheer electro indulgence, this is mind altering at it’s best.

  • Artist: Embrace ft. Kerri Watt
  • Cut: Never
  • Label: Cooking Vinyl
  • Field: West Yorkshire, UK
  • Flocks: Indie Anthem Rock
  • Flavours Of: U2, The Verve, Snow Partrol

There was a time when these West Yorkshire lads rose as high The Verve and Oasis, following some great albums with perfectly written an executed stadium hits, the band went very quiet but never announced a split.  Over the last few months, the anthem writing band have delivered a few cuts of music that sees them back at what they do best.  Never, follows the same structure of song-writing, sheer confidence, honesty and production perfection. Embrace fans, as aged as we have become, welcome the band back with open arms.

  • Artist: Hinds
  • Cut: New For You
  • Label: Mom + Pop Music
  • Field: Madrid, Spain
  • Flocks: Garage Pop
  • Flavours Of:  Honeyblood, Zephyr Bones, La Sera

HINDS, four gorgeously youthfully neurotic and mad Madrid dwellers, delivered one of the most infectious debuts Leave Me Alone, 2 years ago, a collection of short post-punky cuts of love and joy.  After winning the hearts of every live audience member around the world with their live shenanigans, the loveable misfits deliver New For You, and as expected its infectious, cheeky and unadulterated fun with lyrics that still question youth existence, mis-placement and acceptance.  Never grow up HINDS.

  • Cut: Paranoiac Intervals/Body Dysmorphia
  • Label: Polyvinyl
  • Field: Georgia, USA
  • Flocks: Dance Rock, New Wave Pop
  • Flavours Of: Animal Collective, Arcade Fire, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

Of Montreal is the creation of the extremely talented singer/guitarist Kevin Barnes, with 20 years of music in the back catalogue, Barnes has long inspired an underground scene of displaced pop lovers.  More recently has his work reached the ‘mainstream’ with one of (if not) the best pop songs delivered end of last year, It’s Different For Girls. Barnes has a lot to say about the new album, with lyrics stronger and more questioning about love and life, set against an unorthodox 80s sound of beats and synths.  Worth investigating the brilliance of this pop writing maestro. 

  • Artist: Lea Porcelain
  • Cut: Gotta Run
  • Label: Lea Porcelain Recordings
  • Field: Frankfurt, Germany
  • Flocks: Post Punk, Electronic Rock
  • Flavours Of: Moon Duo, The KVB, Black Marble

Berlin/London post-punk duo Lea Porcelain have delivered a number of musical cuts that never got the adoration they deserved, moody in scene and edgy in their production. Gotta Run, rates as the best work they have delivered to date. The video features producer Julien Bracht and vocalist/instrumentalist Markus Nikolaus, a priest questions his decisions and finds his true inner spirit to dance and lose himself.  Both visually and musically powerful.