Ft. Manic Street Preachers, Artificial Pleasures, Moby, Johnny Marr

Heading to the last few weeks of December, we collated four new cuts of music.  Manic Street Preachers refuse to let go and prove that there is still melody and hope in their musical offering.  Artificial Pleasure are the British newbies but with so much talent, perhaps this is just the start of a band who could be around for years to come.  Moby surprised many with the delivery of his latest single, a darker side to this broadly talented maestro.  Finally, Johnny Marr shows off his latest body of work, with a focus on spoken-word, the results are captivating.

  • Artist: Manic Street Preachers
  • Cut: International Blue
  • Label: Columbia/Sony
  • Field: Blackwood, Wales
  • Flocks: Brit-Rock, Stadium Pop
  • Flavours Of: The War on Drugs, The Killers, Echo & The Bunnymen

MSP are back with their most pop friendly musical cut to do, International Blue, to be delivered from their 13th studio album Resistance is Futile.  The band still strike a chord with fans world-wide, always staying true to their foundation sound and political messaging, although lighter in sound, their grit remains evident, but far less angst. A world tour was also recently announced.

  • Artist: Artificial Pleasure
  • Cut: Ill Make It Worth Your While
  • Label: Unknown
  • Field: London, United Kingdom
  • Flocks: Indie-Disco, Pop
  • Flavours Of: David Bowie, Everything Everything, Franz Ferdinand

With their debut EP Wound Up Tight, makes it by the skin of its teeth as contender for best new music by a new band for 2017, their musical cuts are destined for great things in 2018.  The late David Bowie would most definitely give a nod of satisfaction to this hugely influential Bowie brilliance.  Confident, pop-tastic excellence.

  • Artist: Moby
  • Cut: Like A Motherless Child
  • Label: Mute Records
  • Field: Harlam, New York
  • Flocks: Electronic, Trip Hop
  • Flavours Of: Porcelain Raft, Four Tet, Massive Attack

Following the announcement of Moby’s new album Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt, first single, Like A Motherless Child sees Moby’s vocals take to the forefront, poetically rapped out with striking poignancy.  Lyrically grounding and musically powerful, this is Moby at his disturbing best.

  • Artist: Johnny Marr & Maxine Peake
  • Cut: The Priest
  • Label: Unknown
  • Field: Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Flocks: Alternative Rock, Rap, Trip Hop
  • Flavours Of:  Tricky, Kate Tempest

Johnny Marr first met Maxine Peake in 2014, quickly connecting and with discussions of Marr working on a project that focussed on spoken word, the pair collaborated, the result is The Priest. A brutal and real story of homelessness that remains prevalent in Manchester and throughout the UK. The accompanying video delivers as a short film, co-directed by Marr, set in the centre of Manchester.