Ft. Noel Gallagher, Slum Sociable, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Bjork

It’s getting quiet this time of the year, most of us musical bloggers and taste makers reflect on the year, the albums that we still listen to and those that we expected more out of.  Just in time for contenders of albums of the year are Melbourne’s duo Slum Sociable, their debut outstanding and lives up to all expectation, we feature one of the cuts from the album.  Noel Gallagher cut through the bullshit and delivered a great solo album, She Taught Me How To Fly, one of the best cuts from the album.  KG&TLW and Bjork both tread on the outskirts of pop music, we select two cuts from their albums, those not so obvious but equally precious.

  • Artist: Noel Gallagher
  • Cut: She Taught Me How To Fly
  • Label: Caroline
  • Field: Manchester, UK
  • Flocks: Indie Rock
  • Flavours Of: INXS, The Charlatans, Chemical Brothers (kind of!)

Despite all the malarkey that continues to dilute any joy we can have in the brothers new solo efforts, Noel Gallagher finally wins hands down on his latest album Who Built The Moon? an album that sounds like Noel is free from all the shit that dragged him down since splitting with his band.  She Taught Me How To Fly, is rich in melody and while oozing the confidence that he commands, this is laid back, nicely repetitive and fool of groove.

  • Artist: Slum Sociable 
  • Cut: 14 Days
  • Label: Liberation Records
  • Field: Melbourne, Australia
  • Flocks: Electro, RnB, Jazz Infused
  • Flavours Of: Rhye, Active Child, SOHN, Washed Out

Following a good and solid year of touring to share their outstanding musicianship, Slum Sociable finally delivered their debut album, drizzling with cleverly constructed electronic infused RnB sounds that should see the band get all the recognition they truly deserve.  Music that is made by young hearts who have old souls, vocally and lyrically solid helps carry their music above so many other artists trying to capture the same sound. 14 Days is a stand out.

  • Artist: King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
  • Cut: Polygondwanaland
  • Label: Self Released
  • Field: Melbourne, Australia
  • Flocks: Psychedelic Pop, Jazz-Infused
  • Flavours Of:  Stereolab, Allah-Las, Woods

The phenomenal success of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard is, well, phenomenal, their psychedelic, improvised, jam-riddled choice of musical play has built them international glory.  Their far off kilter entourage of sound is layered, meandering and rather mad, so its quite nice to hear the band taking a break from it all and delivering this album-title cut that is a groovy with calm syncopation and luscious harmonies.

  • Artist: Bjork
  • Cut: Future Forever
  • Label: One Little Indian
  • Field: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Flocks: Art Pop
  • Flavours Of: Olafur Arnalds,  Jonsi, Eluvium

For the last 20 years Bjork has delivered some of the most obscure and often testing pop music, far removed from her commercially accessible albums Debut and Post.  Her purpose in todays musical sphere continues to bend the meaning and definition of pop and electronic music, but still relying on her vocals to remain distinguishable.  Her latest offering, and her most anticipated in some years, hasn’t disappointed fans, showing a more vulnerable and emotional Bjork.  Closing cut Future Forever, is accessible and touching.