Ft. Year of the Kite (Oxford/Reading), Child Care (London), Enerate (Sydney), The Orielles (Halifax), Pale Grey (Belgium)

Welcome to another week of Weaning Lambs, where we rummage through hundreds of emails that contain cut after cut of new music. For those promoters, bands and artists that we don’t feature or get back to, we wish we could, it takes days to get through them.  We send our thanks, we would love  to feature so much more music than the ones we feature, but 5 is all we can muster.  Speaking of which, we just couldn’t go past the five that we have within.  Without further ado……

  • Artist: Year of the Kite
  • Cut: The Upper Reaches
  • Field: Abingdon/Oxford/Reading, UK
  • Flocks: Shoegaze, Post-Rock
  • Flavours Of: Mogwai, Silver Mt. Zion, We Lost The Sea

This is Year of the Kite’s debut cut, a gentle and somewhat eerie ensemble of piano, strings, guitars and clarinet that sweep hesitantly behind an uncertain vocal.  Collectively we are lovingly warmed with comfort and sadness.  The band is made up of former members from a band called Navigator, part of the early Norwich “slowcore” scene who often toured with Mogwai and were embraced by John Peel. 

  • Artist: Child Care
  • Cut: Put Down Your Pen
  • Field: London, UK
  • Flocks: Indie Pop
  • Flavours Of: Bastille, George Ezra, Ball Park Music

With much praise coming out of London for this foursome, lead by the excellently talented and born to be front-man (vocalist) Ed Cares, this new cut is a glimmer of the bands more honest and calmer approach to songwriting.  Previous singles were buzzing and energized and earned them with “a band to watch”, equally with Put Down Your Pen, the band show that anything is possible, this is infectious, melodic and effortlessly cool.

  • Artist:  Enerate
  • Cut: Transit Lounge
  • Field: Sydney, Australia
  • Flocks: Breezy Pop
  • Flavours Of: Tennis, Alpine, Stars, Summer Heart

With Australia swarming with hundreds of synth-lead, 80s inspired, dream-pop sounds, TWL gets quite overwhelmed with the similarities and the lack of stand-out.  We think we have found one that blossoms above the rest.  Perhaps no need for introductions to many TWL followers, Enerate deliver their latest cut Transit Lounge.  The band are super excited to announce the delivery of their debut, as an interactive visual album .  To find out more head over to their site.

  • Artist: The Orielles
  • Cut:  Let Your Dogtooth Grow
  • Field: Halifax, UK
  • Flocks: 60s Infused Pop, Fuzzy Pop
  • Flavours Of: Goat Girl, Veronica Falls, Sea Pony

Signed to Heavenly Records, The Orielles are gearing up for their debut album Silver Dollar Moment, they are yet another British band of young talented ones, who will be celebrated on the 2018 summer festival line-ups for their care free and jangle pop tunes.  The trio were the ripe ages of 21, 18 and 17 years of age proudly, but with an expected hit parade of infectious and sticky goodness of short and sweet cuts of music, this is a debut worth waiting for.

  • Artist: Pale Grey
  • Cut: Seasons
  • Field: Brussels, Belgium
  • Flocks: Dream Pop
  • Flavours Of: The Radio Dept, The Clientelle

TWL delivered this brilliant Brussels trio cut a few months back and couldn’t go past this new cut and accompanying video for Seasons. At only 2 minutes 25 seconds, we are certainly wanting more of this melancholy and beautifully drifting pop single, and with a few already delivered cuts of similar sound and feel, we are super eager to catch their debut album when it gets delivered in the not to distant future.  This is elegant pop at its best.