Ft. Baths, OCS, Jack River, Hoops, Peter Broderick

Prime Cuts this week delivers new music from three extraordinary modern composers/multi-instrumentalist, Baths from Los Angeles, Peter Broderick from Oregon and Jack River, from Forster (NSW) each of them a serene melding of classical, electronica and indie-pop.   Fat Possum signed Hoops, deliver their early recordings and OCS re-deliver all Neo-Psychedelic pop.

  • Artist: Baths
  • Cut: Out
  • Label: Anticon
  • Field: Los Angeles, USA
  • Flocks: Electronica
  • Flavours Of:  Small Black, Flying Lotus, Geotic

Intricate electro pop wizard Bath Will Wiesenfeld (also part of the excellent Geotic) delivered Romaplasm last Friday, an album inspired by the escapism and romance of comics, anime, and games.  Out was one of a few teasers to tantalize the album a month back but still one of the stand out cuts from this tremendously produced album.

  • Artist:  OCS
  • Cut: Memory of a Cut Off Head
  • Label: Castle Face
  • Field: San Fransisco, USA
  • Flocks: Electronic Pop, Neo-Psychedelic
  • Flavours Of: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Cate Le Bon, Grizzly Bear

OCS recently delivered their 13th studio album Memory of a Cut Off Head, this cut of the same name, a drum shuffling, sun-kissed and harmonious slice of 60s goodness. After taking some time out in 2014 and a long standing tendency to change their band name (Orinoka Crash SuiteOCSOrange County SoundThe OhseesThe Oh SeesThee Oh Sees and Oh Sees) and line-up, the band continue to deliver a sound synonymous, with, well, themselves.

  • Artist: Jack River
  • Cut: Fault Line
  • Label: I Oh You
  • Field: Forster, Australia
  • Flocks: Indie Pop
  • Flavours Of: Alpine, Lorde, Christine & The Queens

Jack River continues her journey of crafting grand pop tunes that border nicely on commercial production with her feet firmly imbedded in “indie” style. This is polished pop music with great production and confidence and one step closer to building their solid and reliable reputation in Australian pop music.  The video is directed by Matt Sav, toys with the idea of a world where car racing reigns.

  • Artist:  Hoops
  • Cut: Other One
  • Label: Fat Possum
  • Field: Indiana, USA
  • Flocks: Lo-Fi, Dream Pop
  • Flavours Of: The Radio Dept, The American Analog Set, Lower Dens

Hoops deliver a musical poise that would have its listener easily tricked to think the band are long-standers of the dream-pop band.  Surprisingly, the opposite, their music uploaded to YouTube unawares and quickly gaining momentum around the world.  The brilliant record label Fat Possum scooped them up, they made an outstanding debut album, and then rest is early history.  Other One delivers from their first few tapes that are now re-delivered on vinyl.

  • Artist: Peter Broderick
  • Cut: Seeing Things
  • Label: Erased Tapes
  • Field: Oregan/Denmark
  • Flocks: Neo-Classical, Indie Folk, Euphoric Pop
  • Flavours Of: Hammock, The American Dollar, Sigur Ros

American-born multi-instrumentalist and singer, Peter Broderick has delivered music in various collaborations, having moved to Denmark a few years back, he worked with the band Efterklang, while producing a collection of beautiful solo albums that ranged from classical compositions to indie-folk inspirations.  Seeing Things has Broderick venturing back to well-rounded and spacious folk sound, delivered from his latest offering, All Together Again.