Ft. Strange Hellos (Norway), High-Tails (Sydney), LEAONE (Suffolk, UK), The Academic (Mullinger, Ireland), Goat Girl (London, UK)

Welcome to this weeks Weaning Lambs, another ripping week of music delivered to us from around the world.  This week we check in with Norway and a band called Strange Hellos, another dreamy shoegaze outfit to add to this growing genre. Sydney’s High-Tails deliver some great youthful pop, LEAONE from Suffolk’s vocals are just sublime, The Academic from Dublin are about to make it bigger, and Goat Girl tinker with a 50s infused vibe.   Celebrate new music, music that you probably havent heard before.


  • Artist: Strange Hellos
  • Cut: We Are Trouble
  • Field: Norway
  • Flocks: Fuzzy Pop, Shoegaze
  • Flavours Of: Lush, School of Seven Bells, Alvvays

Strange Hellos had a great 2017 with praise from some of the best taste makers out there.  Helped by a resurgence of dream-pop and shoegaze, Strange Hellos have hit a nerve, thanks to harmonious vocals of  Birgitta Alida Hole and the tight driving musicianship by the band complete. We Are Trouble, comes from their debut album Chromatic that no doubt will amplify the bands dreamy and washy sound that draws on some excellent comparisons.

  • Artist: High-Tails
  • Cut: All The Time
  • Field: Sydney, Australia
  • Flocks: Indie Pop
  • Flavours Of: Future Islands, The Creases, Yeasayer

High-Tails join the growing landscape of young Australian bands who capture youth, fun and energy while at the same time, writing and playing out some seriously infectious and accomplished pop tunes.  As the band embark on an East Coast tour to share cuts from their debut album A Slight Hi, the band delivery the video for All The Time.  This is homegrown honest pop music from a band who have landed first base with a perfectly hit pop ball.

  • Artist: LEAONE
  • Cut: Devil May Care
  • Field: Suffolk, United Kingdom
  • Flocks: Singer/Songwriter, Alt Folk
  • Flavours Of: Leonard Cohen

Another British Singer/Songwriter who has BBC Radio 6’s watchful eye as support, delivers Devil May Care, a sparse atmospherical placed cut with stand out sultry vocals that make this a real standout this week. His second EP Wild Horse Ride On, supported by the Arts Council England, melts together accomplished songwriting, curated composition and a lot of rhythm and melody. 

  • Artist: The Academic
  • Cut: Permanent Vacation
  • Field: Mullinger, Ireland
  • Flocks: Indie-Pop
  • Flavours Of: Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix, Foster The People

We pipped The Academic as a Weaning Lamb this week perhaps way too late, as the band are hitting the big time in Europe and Ireland where the buzz has already spawned devoted fans. The band will deliver their debut Tales From The Backseat in mid January, an album that took 2 years to create, so the anticipation is big but the results will be well worth if this latest cut has anything to judge it on.  Watch them fly in 2018.


  • Artist: Goat Girl
  • Cut: Cracker Drool
  • Field: South London, United Kingdom
  • Flocks: Alt-Pop, 50’s infused pop.
  • Flavours Of: Dum Dum Girls, Honey Blood, Girlpool

With musical production by Dan Carey (Bath For Lashes, Kate Tempest) and video production by CC Wade (working with King Krule), Goat Girl are mixing and working with the right sorts. Combining simple beats, drooling bass lines, wickedly cool guitars and harmonies that pop, Cracker Drool, delivers a little over 2 minutes of unsettling coolness.