Ft. Morrissey, Slum Sociable, Franz Ferdinand, Brian Eno & Kevin Shields, ISLAND

The melting pot of musical tones is evident in this weeks Prime Cuts, for you can be forgiven for not drawing any musical comparison between these 5 artists and bands.  Great to see and hear that Franz Ferdinand are back with full groove gusto and Melbourne’s Slum Sociable, deliver another fine example of vocal-led, jazz, beat-laden infused music.  Brian Eno and Kevin Shields collaborate and the results are predictable but mesmerising.  London’s ISLAND are ones to watch, while Morrissey’s times of being watched may soon be coming to an end.

  • Artist: Morrissey
  • Cut: I Wish You Lonely
  • Label: BMG
  • Field: Trafford, Manchester, UK
  • Flocks: Socialist Pop
  • Flavours Of:  Morrissey

Morrissey is just about to deliver his 11th studio album, “Low In High School” and for those who have stuck around this long may well get there fix of political statements, damnation and all round anger and strong opinion, for others, well, you have much more ammunition to use against him with this antagonise cut. Revel in such lyrics like “Tombs are full of fools who gave their lives upon command of monarchs, oligarchs, heads of state, and potentate” or simply tune out. Either way pop music needs a “Morrissey”.

  • Artist: Slum Sociable
  • Cut: Moby Bryant
  • Label: Liberation Records
  • Field: Melbourne, Australia
  • Flocks:
  • Flavours Of: Beacon, SOHN, Active Child

Melbourne’s Edward Quinn and Miller Upchurch, may well be set for larger green pastures when they deliver their self-titled debut album, that are destined to be filled with examples of such fine, electro-pop production and exceptionally considered song writing such as Moby Byrant. The melting together of rich vocals, percussion, synths, beats and the right amount of breathing space to thread this all together, makes for brilliant musical results. 

  • Artist: Brian Eno & Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine)
  • Cut: Only Once Away My Son
  • Label: Adult Swim, Singles Program
  • Field: Suffolk , UK (Eno), Dublin, Ireland (Sheilds)
  • Flocks: Ambient, Experimental
  • Flavours Of: Harold Budd, Labradford, Flying Saucer Attack

From the glistening, trance-like introduction of this new cut by ambient pioneer Brian Eno and feed-back guitar extraordinaire Kevin Shields, we immerse into an emotive bending mind altering state of circling guitars, deep in a musical abyss. Music made for headphones, Only Once Away My Song, the cut takes is into disconcerting ambient territory, and spits us out confused and misguided. Unsettling brilliance.

  • Artist: Franz Ferdinand
  • Cut: Always Ascending
  • Label: Domino Records
  • Field: Glasgow, Scotland
  • Flocks: Electro-Pop
  • Flavours Of: Wild Beasts, Scissor Sisters, Hercules & Love Affair

Glasgow’s long-standing indie group Franz Ferdinand, deliver another slow burner cut that goes from oddly placed layered vocals and tinkering keys, building up at 1:20 seconds to a perfectly time “erh” from lead singer Alex Kapranos before breaking into what we expect from Franz Ferdinand, an unadulterated, no-hold barred groove.  This is a fine taster of a band sorely missed by fans and festival goers alike, we may well have the summer festival chant right in our hands.

  • Artist: ISLAND
  • Cut: Try
  • Label: Frenchkiss Records
  • Field: London, United Kingdom
  • Flocks: Indie Rock
  • Flavours Of: The Kooks, Boy & Bear, The Decemberists

ISLAND first featured at TWL in April 2016, with one of their leading cuts Spotless Mind, the energy of this band apparent from each of their opening chords and the familiar and warming vocals from Rollo Doherty.  Try, sounds of a band with confidence and conviction and a fine piece of classic indie music, rounded, complete and honest.