Ft. Lean Year (Virginia), Clara-Nova (LA/Paris), New Luna (Manchester), Peter Matthew Bauer (NYC), FAUX (London)

Weaning Lambs delivers music that is undiscovered, unsigned or yet to be heard by the masses. We again received a good 100 cuts this week and spent the time to listen to each one, and here we have just 5 that deserve our ears.  Another mixed bag of genres, locations, topics and sounds, there are no rules, if we like it, we share it. From the gentle sounds of Lean Year, the alternative pop sound of Clara-Nova to the perfect pop infused 80s sound of London’s FAUX from Manchester’s dreamy-punk New Luna, to the founder of NY The Walkmen Peter Matthew Bauers uplifting cut.

  • Artist: Lean Year
  • Cut: Holy Mountain
  • Field: Richmond, Virginia
  • Flocks: Alt-Folk
  • Flavours Of: Mazzy Star, Memory House, Widowspeaker

The delicate and minimal approach to Lean Years songwriting is thread-like.  singer Emilie Rex and filmmaker/musician Rick Alverson recorded their self-titled debut album in three sessions at the home studio of another relatively unknown but well crafted Chicago musician/engineer Erik Hall of In Tall BuildingsRex’s vocals conjure a vision of a lonely girl wandering aimlessly through tall grass fields with the tinkering sound of gentle music in the distant background.  There is something utterly majestic about their sound.

  • Artist: Clara-Nova
  • Cut: The Illusionist
  • Field: Los Angeles, Paris
  • Flocks: Electro-Pop
  • Flavours Of: St Vincent, Fiest, Christine & The Queens

Clara Nova is the moniker of Sydney Wayser, a French-American pop musician and visual artist who probably should be a Prime Cut TWL having amassed great praise from leading international radio stations.  Wayser’s music has already featured on a variety of American series and she was guess vocals on M83s album Junk.  To us she is free as the morning air and The Illusionist is as accomplished as any of the alternative pop artist sweeping the world.  A sheer talent.

  • Artist: New Luna
  • Cut: Opinionated
  • Field: Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Flocks: Pop-Punk
  • Flavours Of: Morning Runner, Bombay Bicycle Club, Foals

Manchester may not be the powerhouse of musical brilliance that it was in the 80s and 90s but on listen to New Luna, we cant help get excited about the prospect of a resurgence taking place.  An impulsive punk infused cut that combines shambolic choruses with driving verses, this recording shares a raw emotion of a band who gel effortlessly in the studio. Exceptional bringing together of melody and chaos.

  • Artist: Peter Matthew Bauer
  • Cut: Wild Light
  • Field: New York City, USA
  • Flocks: Folk-Rock
  • Flavours Of: The War On Drugs, The Walkmen

From the moment the handclaps, strumming and tinkering guitars come together instantly as Wild Light, we sense something special of this new cut by Peter Matthew Bauer, a man that is no stranger to writing assertive alt-rock music. This is a song that continuously pounds without drums, just the urgency of Bauer’s lyrics that string this powerful cut together, after he was the founder of New York’s The Walkmen.  Superb songwriting and a joyous and hopeful four minutes.

  • Artist: FAUX
  • Cut: Take Back Time
  • Field: London, United Kingdom
  • Flocks: 80s Infused Pop
  • Flavours Of: Twin Shadow, How To Dress Well, M-People

For anyone born or familiar with the quintessential sound of the 80s could be forgiven for thinking this new cut from London’s FAUX, dusted off from the archives.  Filled with hope, harmony and groove, Take Back Time, is TWL’s earworm of the month, so nostalgic and so full of pop perfection, FAUX capture the sound of the 80s without sound pastiche or trying to hard.  With so many new bands trying to capture this sound, FAUX deliver something special that sounds remarkably considered and current.