Ft. Rivera (Chile/London) Delsbo Beach Club (Stockholm) Like Elephants (Austria) Glassmaps (Sydney/London) Wylderness (Cardiff)

Another diverse week of undiscovered artists & bands from every side of our musical planet.  Austria delivers a great band that may well venture beyond their borders, Like Elephants are Europe “proper” bound.  Stockholm’s Delsbo Beach Club deliver perfect oddly crafted pop music, Howling Bells guitarist Joel Stein goes solo with Glassmaps, Rivera blends lyrical tragedy gently and shoe-gaze keeps growing in its popularity with Cardiff’s Wylderness.  

  • Artist: Rivera
  • Cut: We’re Alive
  • Field: Chile/London
  • Flocks:  Singer/Songwriter, Indie Pop
  • Flavours Of: Washed Out, LANKS, The Flaming Lips

Inti Rowland (Rivera) sings of the tragic scenario of a car crash on a reckless night, set against some beautiful percussion and chiming gentle guitars, the contrast extreme but the results are elegant.  Rowland’s vocal carries grit and fragility but there is no mistaken a clever songwriter on our hands. 

  • Artist: Delsbo Beach Club
  • Cut: All The Way Home
  • Field: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Flocks: Fuzzy Indie Pop
  • Flavours Of:  Super Furry Animals, Foxygen, The Lemon Twigs

Delsbo Beach Club’s debut their new cut All The Way Home, a contagious musical oddity, crafted with superb care in layering glitch ridden synths, whimsically distorted reverb vocals and jangly guitars, that disguises a superb lead guitar outro.  A band that are noted as touring hard in their home country, if this is their debut, well there is much promise here.

  • Artist: Like Elephants
  • Cut: Ghost
  • Field: Grieskirchen, Austria
  • Flocks: Electro-Pop, Indie Pop
  • Flavours Of: Alt-J, Small Black, New Order

Refreshing to discover such talent (and no doubt there is much more) from Austria, in the form of Like Elephants, a collection of 5 musicians formed in 2014. Ghost, is the first cut from their latest EP (follow-up to their full-length album Oneironaut), a 80s inspired, electro-infused, melody that combines carefully played progressions with lo-fi soul.

  • Artist: GLASSMAPS
  • Cut: Hypnotised
  • Field: London/Sydney
  • Flocks: Indie Pop
  • Flavours Of: The Auteurs, Cinerama, Galaxie 500

Glassmaps is the solo project of Howling Bells’ guitarist Joel Stein. Howling Bells, originally from Sydney moved to London after gaining a better vibe then their home country.  The British influences are evident in Stein’s work, taking snippets from St Peppers era and knotting it up with some lo-fi psychedelia of more recent times.

  • Artist: Wylderness
  • Cut: 72 & Sunny
  • Field: Cardiff, Wales
  • Flocks: Shoegaze, Fuzzy Rock
  • Flavours Of: DIIV, Ride, My Bloody Valentine

London based, Cardiff born, Wyldnerness debut their first cut 72 & Sunny, a deep cut of modern-day shoegaze with controlled fuzzy guitars and familiar washed out vocals that drive this strong debut. A fine taster of a debut album that will be delivered in early 2018, eager we wait to see how far they take their sound.