ft. Minuet (Dublin), Violet (Midlands), Fenne Lily (Dorset), Cavalry (Liverpool), Ella Grace (London)

A common thread weaves through weaning lambs this week, our selected artists/bands streaming from the UK and Ireland. Violets deliver a meaty cut of distorted guitars and arrogant swagger, while each of our other artists pull on heart strings with meticulous songwriting and honest lyrics.

  • Artist: Minuet
  • Cut: Fall Into My Arms
  • Field:  Dublin, Ireland
  • Flocks: Singer/Songwriter, Melodic
  • Flavours Of: Milosh, The Paper Kites, James Vincent McMorrow

Combining synthesised soundscapes, strings and soothing vocals, Minuet delivers a heart warming debut cut with a beautiful accompanying video.

  • Artist: Violet
  • Cut: Feel
  • Field: Midlands, United Kingdom
  • Flocks: Indie Rock, Grunge
  • Flavours Of: Green Buzzard, The Wombats

Blending a give-a-f**k attitude with distorted and grinding guitars, Violets infuse typical British Rock with a big nod to the grunge years gone by.  Great to see a band that look like a “band”, with potential now to do a whole lot more, Feel is catchy, powerful and a straight grunge-infused pop ditty.

  • Artist: Fenne Lily
  • Cut: Three Oh Nine
  • Field: Dorset, United Kingdom
  • Flocks: Singer/Songwriter
  • Flavours Of: Beth Orton, Nadia Reid, Sharon Van Etten

Fenne sings with such vulnerability, that with open lyrics, “So they tell me hold him while you can, And you show me how it is to know a man”, we quickly learn of an artist unafraid to bear her heart, a telling sign that we have an accomplished artist on the way up.  Haunting and beautiful.

  • Artist: Cavalry
  • Cut: Heresby
  • Field: Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Flocks: Stadium Pop, Indie Folk
  • Flavours Of: Boy and Bear, Holy Holy, Of Monsters And Men

Having all ready sparked the interest of many of the BBC Radio 6 DJ’s, Cavalry could well be a British band to watch in 2018, as they prepare for the delivery of the debut EP See The Night Perform.  Well crafted melodies aside, Heresby is a stand out thanks to lead singer Alan’s engaging and strong vocals that consolidates the bands sound and emotional capacity.

  • Artist: Ella Grace
  • Cut: Here We Are Again
  • Field: London, United Kingdom
  • Flocks: Indie Folk, Singer/Songwriter
  • Flavours Of: Laura Marling, Feist, Julien Baker

Londoner Ella Grace sings with fragility and honesty, her lyrics present the subjects of sustainable living, mental wellness and feminism that has gained her over 20,000 followers.  Musically, Grace is accomplished in her production and whimsical in her tune.