Ft. KLLO, Alex the Astronaut, Liam Gallagher, Blue Hawaii, Cults

For this weeks Prime Cuts, it’s a week of DUOS. We give way to some blissed out beats from duo, KLLO from Melbourne, Blue Hawaii, from Montreal and Cults from New York City, collectively they make the perfect laid back dreamy soundtrack to kick start a week.  Liam Gallagher finally delivers his debut, there are some surprisingly non-arrogant tracks.  Alex the Astronaut waves the Aussie suburban flag.

  • Artist: Kllo
  • Cut: Dissolve
  • Label: Ghostly
  • Field: Melbourne, Australia
  • Flocks: House, Mellow Beats
  • Flavours Of: RUFUS, Blue States, Kinobe

With each cut delivered, Melbourne cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam continue to surpass themselves in production, rhythm and sound.  Dissolve blends the blissful beats of Ibiza sunset beats with a nostalgic feeling of the early 90s sounds that blasted so many chill-out, beach house albums.  Kllo take a sound that was so massive many years back and bring it to a new generation with superb skill and musical ability.

  • Artist:  Alex the Astronaut
  • Cut: William and Georgia
  • Label: Mikowski Records
  • Field: Sydney, Australia
  • Flocks: Indie Folk, Suburban Pop
  • Flavours Of: First Aid Kit, Belle & Sebastian, Slow Club

Over the last few years, Australia has embraced it’s down-to-earth suburban roots and lingo, producing artists that sing about life in the gritty parts of their suburbs.  At times it is a little repetitive and tiresome, but Alex the Astronaut delivers a layered soundtrack that although familiar, is endearingly unique. William and Georgia, is quirky, memorable and celebratory.

  • Artist:  Liam Gallagher
  • Cut: Paper Crown
  • Label: Warner Bros.
  • Field: Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Flocks: Indie Rock
  • Flavours Of: The Verve, The Charlatans,

This is Liam’s first solo album, the critics of course are out there, but sifting through the obvious oasis sounding growls and swagger, we get some nice little treats.  Paper Crown is a well-crafted ballad with Liam sounding the best he ever has before.

  • Artist: Blue Hawaii 
  • Cut: Make Love Stay
  • Label:  Arbutus
  • Field: Montreal, Quebec
  • Flocks:
  • Flavours Of: Roisin Murphy, Little Boots, Bent

Don some headphones and listen to the beautiful production of this latest cut by talented Montreal duo Blue Hawaii.  Tenderness is the bands first delivery in four years, giving the duo time to embellish and diverse their sound so much more.  Combining mellow beats, distant trumpets, glitches and dreamy vocals, Make Love Stay is another cracking blissed out cut.

  • Artist: Cults
  • Cut: Good Religion
  • Label: Sinderlyn
  • Field: New York city
  • Flocks:
  • Flavours Of: Saint Eitenne, Braids, The Cardigans

NYC’s Cults deliver their most considered and reflective album to date, Offering, is a collection of cleverly created pop songs that takes less changes then their previous work, but as a complete set of tunes, is gentle and instantly embracing.  Good Religion is one of many stand out cuts with an earworm chorus and gliding layered harmonies that makes lead singers Madeline Follin’s voice sound like angels.