ft. Other Creatures (Dublin), The Yada Yada Yadas (Durham, UK), Morning TV (Sydney), Kings of Edelgran (Belgium), White Room (Brighton, UK)

TWL received more than 50 cuts of music from around the world this week and here we offer you the best of the best.  The United Kingdom makes it mark again, there seems to be a good stock of new bands coming up, while in Belgium, we discover the musical landscapes of Kings Edelgran.  Sydney’s very promising Morning TV were big stand outs this week, a band that will no doubt climb the Aussie festival line up this year. Feed your ears.

  • Artist: Other Creatures
  • Cut: Luxembourg
  • Field: Dublin, Ireland
  • Flocks: Alt Rock
  • Flavours Of: Janes Addiction, Eskimo Joe

Trio, Other Creatures are three school buddies who have the ability to capture a nostalgic sound way beyond their years. Luxembourg delivers as their first cut, lined with memorable melodies, vocalised by the yearning vocals of Timon who sounds like a young Perry Farrell (Jane’ Addiction).  Musically raw, this is an impressive debut cut riddled with attitude, power and originality.

  • Artist: The Yada Yada Yadas
  • Cut: Oceans
  • Field: Durham, United Kingdom
  • Flocks: Grunge, Fuzzy Pop
  • Flavours Of: Dinosaur Jnr, The Cribs

Opening with the sound of blurring guitar riffs, The Yada Yada Yadas, glide into an instantly familiar entourage of drums and controlled distorted guitars.  Oceans delivers fuzzy pop with maturity and power that again takes the sound back to the grungier times of the early 2000’s. The real stand out here is the intricate guitar effects that layer around the vocals with such control.  Impressive debut.

  • Artist: Morning TV
  • Cut: Sun
  • Field: Sydney, Australia
  • Flocks: Lo-Fi, Fuzzy Pop
  • Flavours Of: Beach Fossils, Melody’s Echo Chamber, Alvvays

Sun is the opening cut from Sydney’s Morning TV Sophomore EP, starting out with what could easily be any opening track of The Fall, but instead falls into intertwined jangly guitars that serenade and dance around Brit’s (lead singer) vocal, that are recorded somewhat distant sounding over the bands instrumentation.  This is ridiculously cool music of a generation that drips with moments of pop, grunge and garage punk.

  • Artist: Kings of Edelgran
  • Cut: The Gate
  • Field: Belgium
  • Flocks: Polar Indie Rock (as described by the band)
  • Flavours Of: Bon Iver, Phosphorescent, The Tallest Man Alive

Kings of Edelgran take a few pages out of the book of Bon Iver to create some equally powerful landscape indie rock, filled with emotion and beautiful musical imagery.

  • Artist: White Room
  • Cut: Cable-built Dreamland
  • Field: Brighton, United Kingdom
  • Flocks: Grand Pop
  • Flavours Of: Mock Turtles, Temples, City Calm Down

Newly signed to Deltasonic Records (home to the legendary, The Coral) White Room capture a self-assured English swagger with considered lyrics and reflective voice.  “Cable-built Dreamland is about people’s narcissistic obsession with how they are perceived online; the mask they create behind which they disguise their true selves.”  One of many bands that are on the rise for 2018.