ft. Swimming Tapes (London) Ski Lodge (NYC) Honey Lung (London) Teen Ravine (Toronto) New Candys (Venice)

Weaning Lambs this week travels from London, NYC, Toronto and ends in Venice, Italy with New Candys, a powerful cut of drone rock that reminds us that musical genres spawns in all cities, from all countries.  It’s rather exciting to know there is so much music out there, and we only have time for 5 cuts each week.

  • Artist: Swimming Tapes
  • Cut: Alison
  • Field: London, UK
  • Flocks: Indie Pop, Jangle Pop
  • Flavours Of: Real Estate, Wild Nothing, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Following some accreditation with their debut cut Souvenirs last year and still in the infancies of their musical journey, 5 piece Londoners deliver their follow up cut Alison.  Swimming Tapes may well surpass the requirements of a Weaning Lamb offering (3 million streams on Spotify) but with only an EP upon them and with the reliable sounds of all that is indie pop, we welcome the band to TWL.   A good douse of gentle sugar coated pop-song writing.

  • Artist: Ski Lodge
  • Cut: Secure
  • Field: New York City, USA
  • Flocks: infused 80’s pop
  • Flavours Of: Summer Heart, Small Black

The brilliant record label Brookyln Vegan introduces  Ski Lodge to its growing list of exceptional musical artists. Ski Lodge is Andrew Marr, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter delivered his debut in 2011 and a few deliveries since.  Secure is confident and resolved pop music that digs deep into new wave archives and cleverly tinkers the production to make this sound ever so relevant.

  • Artist: Honey Lung
  • Cut: Stuttering Mind
  • Field: London, UK
  • Flocks: Mellow Pop
  • Flavours Of: Mojave 3, Engineers, Ride

Sometimes all is not what it seems.  London’s newcomers blitzed their recent  The Great Escape Festival in their home country this year, and listening to Stuttering Mind, we understand why.  The opening chords welcome us in with warmth and melody and things take a turn for the best, and things become unsettled and urgent.  There is so much on offer with this cut, with the most unexpected ending of driving guitars, rolling drums and beautifully controlled feedback.  Epic.

  • Artist: Teen Ravine
  • Cut: Hall of Horrors
  • Field: Toronto, USA
  • Flocks: Soulful Electronic Pop
  • Flavours Of: Rye, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, HOMESHAKE

Teen Ravine take us on a smooth journey of wonderful harmonies, laid back beats and the wonderful wash of trumpets that peak throughout the cut.  There is so much goodness in it’s production and for the next 4 minutes we are seduced and begging for more.

  • Artist: New Candys
  • Cut: Excess
  • Field: Venice, Italy
  • Flocks: Drone Rock
  • Flavours Of: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Kills

Beyond the mind-bending and visually tantalising video clip that captures the perceived dark spirit of the New Candys, Excess is an impulsive, driving and brutal cut of fine drone rock.  The tight bond between bass and drums, while thundering guitars distort in 3D effect melt together to create a thundering intensity piece of music that is raw in it’s production and raw on the listeners ears.