ft. SHAMIR, Bjork, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Julien Baker, The Lemon Twigs

When one labels the word “indie” or “alternative” on to a particular type of music that is not “commercial”, most non-musical devotees pigeon hole the music that many of us love.  Here is an example of 5 audio and video cuts that go to prove that these labels are absolutely diverse.


  • Artist: SHAMIR
  • Cut: 90s Kid’s
  • Label:  Father/Daughter Records
  • Field: Las Vegas, USA
  • Flocks: Alt-Pop
  • Flavours Of: Perfume Genius, Tei Shi

Shamir quickly grabbed the cool kids attention in 2015 with his debut delivery, Rachet. A debut full of hope, fun and an underlying message of being true to one self. Still only 22 years of age, Shamir has matured remarkably with this cut, a strong, raw and emotional side of the artist, who could well be the voice of a generation.

  • Artist:  BJORK
  • Cut: The Gate
  • Label: One Little Indian
  • Field: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Flocks: Electronic, Avante Garde Pop
  • Flavours Of:  Brian Eno, Isan

The long anticipated return cut from Bjork has us captivated with her unique but expected answer to an emotional love song. In comparison to the sounds and production of her previous album Vulnicura, this is Bjork at her most gentle but still delivering a commanding listening of oscillating sounds that are most appreciated on headphones.

  • Artist: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  • Cut: Little Thing Gone Wild
  • Label: Abstract Dragon / Vagrant
  • Field: San Fransisco, USA
  • Flocks: Scuzzy Rock, Alt Rock
  • Flavours Of: The Duke Spirit, Band of Skulls, The Black Angels

In 2001, BRMC delivered one of the best albums of the decade, it was raw, gritty and epitomised what it was to create uber-cool rock n roll.  Seven albums later, the band still edge on the peripheral of gaining the attention they deserve.  “Little Thing Gone Wild” is another typical cut from BRMC, a safe return but full of all the gritty goodness that true fans will revel in. There soon to be delivered album Wrong Creatures was produced by Nick Launay who also worked with Nick Cave and Arcade Fire.

  • Artist: Julien Baker
  • Cut: Appointments
  • Label: Matador
  • Field: Tennessee, USA
  • Flocks: Melodic Pop, Singer/Songwriter
  • Flavours Of:  SOAK, Mothers, Camp Cope

At 22 years of age Julien Baker is one of the few American writers who is able to keep production minimal and use the power of her lyrics and voice to engage and immerse her listeners.  The fragility of her voice gives goose-bump, her honesty, frighteningly real, Baker goes from strength to strength in creating a world that is delicate and strangely hopeful.  A beautiful accompanying video clip.

  • Artist: The Lemon Twigs
  • Cut: Why Didn’t You Say That?
  • Label: 4AD
  • Field: Long Island, USA
  • Flocks: Indie Pop, 60’s inspired
  • Flavours Of: Foxygen, Beirut, Ultimate Painting 

Brothers Brian & Michael D’Addario write shameless 60s inspired jingles that are as catchy as a Melbourne cold.  With shuffling drums, sticky harmonies, rolling basslines and ruthless jangling guitars, the brothers create a joyous 3 minute rumble as we anticipate their soon to be delivered EP Brothers of Destruction.