ft. Four Tet, Beck, The Money War, The National, Superorganism

Prime Cuts makes it’s returns this week with five splendid new cuts that should trigger a variety of emotions.  This week sees the return of one of this decades most influential producer and DJ, Four Tet, while Beck delivers his most commercial hit to date. From Australian shores we have Perth’s duo The Money War who are set for worthy results and we have some rare footage of The National performing I’ll Destroy You, and lastly, a group of London kids called Superorganism, twist pop in ways you would never think possible.

  • Artist: Four Tet
  • Cut: SW9 9SL
  • Label: Text Records
  • Field: London, United Kingdom
  • Flocks: Downbeat Electro, Trance
  • Flavours Of: Caribou, Flying Lotus, Jon Hopkins

Kieran Hebden, revisits his early years of glitchy synths and trance frequencies with SW9 9SL, the postcode of Brixton, his beloved place in London that housed some of the best underground dance parties “back in the day”.  A mind altering journey that won’t disappoint his long standing fans.

  • Artist: Beck
  • Cut: Up All Night
  • Label: Capital/Virgin EMI
  • Field: Los Angeles, California
  • Flocks: Pop
  • Flavours Of: Maroon 5, Fat Boy Slim

Take a moment to cast your mind back to 1994 (23 years ago) when debuted Mellow Gold and released his hit single “Loser”, then fast-forward through 12 or so albums of contrast, ups and downs and complete re-invention.  Beck deserves all the credit he is due, but with this latest cut, he will have many of us divided.  Is this a step too far into pop?

  • Artist: The Money War
  • Cut: Hold On
  • Label:  Unknown
  • Field: Perth, Australia
  • Flocks: Indie Pop, All things indie Duets
  • Flavours Of: Best Coast, Cults, La Sera

Fresh from the release of their debut EP, this Perth duo are gaining worthy followers with their lazy about take on pop music and with an upcoming support slot to Meg Mac’s Australian tour, it is only a matter of time before they head line their own lazy Sunday afternoon laid back shows.

  • Artist: The National
  • Cut: I’ll Destroy You
  • Label: 4AD
  • Field: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Flocks: Indie Rock
  • Flavours Of:  Arab Strap, New Order, Broken Social Scene

“It’s so easy to set off, The molecules and the caplets, They all have something against me, Nothing I do makes me feel different”, The National are back and Matt Berninger’s lyrics are as complicated and obscure as usual.  I’ll Destroy You, delivers the most complicated cuts from Sleep Well Beast with an crashing ensemble of instruments taking full final crescendo.

  • Artist: Superorganism
  • Cut: Something For Your M.I.N.D
  • Label: unknown
  • Field: New England to London, United Kingdom
  • Flocks: Electro Glitchy Pop
  • Flavours Of: Japanese Breakfast, Chairlift, Corenlius

This cut had it’s release a good few months back, but in celebration of the new video, it was the perfect excuse to give it another mention.  Not much is known about this large group of young musical eccentrics except from what is offered from their Facebook page.  The band is fronted by 17-year-old Japanese girl named Orono who lives in Maine and 7 other people who live in London.  What they produce is superb glitchy pop music.