Ft. Jackson Boone, Weinf, Oddnesse, Panthu Du Prince, Private Life


From the fields of Oregon, Portland to Hamburg, Germany the weekly feature of Weaning Lambs delivers 5 new cuts of undiscovered music from around the world, now discovered by us, for you.  We compare each cut to artists that are more familiar to help you select those cuts that may tickle your fancy.  


Weaning Lamb:  Jackson Boone

Cut: Mystic Winds (From The East)

Based In: Portland, Oregon

Flavours Of: Kurt Vile, Cass McCombs

Jackson Boone captures the lo-fi indie folk sound in a bottle on ‘Mystic Winds’. With fluctuating vocals and stretched acoustics, it’s quite the magic carpet ride.


Weaning Lamb: Weinf

Cut: Purple Bird and Other Uninvited Guests

Based In: Virginia, USA

Flavours Of: BadBadNotGood, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

The playfulness of ‘Purple Bird and Other Uninvited Guests’ is only surpassed by the precision of Weinfs instrumentals. Spanish-born Weinf hit’s the sweet spot between having your head in the clouds and having complete self-assurance.

Weaning Lamb: Oddnesse

Cut: Scream

Based In: Los Angeles, USA

Flavours Of: Lorde, Sharon Van Etten

The melodic ‘Scream’ is unravelling. Like a warm blanket, Oddnesse’s voice gives a sense of security, with the inclusion of a bit of electric guitar to give the song some flavour it’s a gossamer indie serenade that’s worth a listen.


Weaning Lamb: Panthu Du Prince 

Cut: Islands In The Sky (Ambient Version)

Based In: Hamburg, Germany

Flavours Of: The Field, Four Tet

 The title says it all for Pantha Du Prince’s reimagining of his own previous work. ‘Islands In The Sky’ is soft and approachable, yet dizzying and unattainable at the same time. The absence of vocals also really allows the textures of this song to expand as it progresses.

Weaning Lamb: Private Life

Cut: Lost Boy

Based In: Melbourne, Australia

Flavours Of: The xx, Bat For Lashes

‘Lost Boy’ is minimalist electro pop at its best. Renee Anderson’s vocals exhale across the length of the song, as she shows a controlled restraint for a heady power chorus, instead choosing sensual, delicate tones which bleed with character.