ft. Fleet Foxes, Forest Swords, PWR BTTM, Girlpool, Chastity Belt

There is a fine line between what makes our Prime Cuts or Weaning Lambs feature list.  Usually it simply comes down to the simple fact that some artists/bands need a bit of extra support than others.  In this week’s Prime Cuts, we celebrate music in its entirety, as you may just come across some music that is so new and fresh, you’ll be baffled in musical confusion.  This week Liam goes a bit off kilter and what a joyous feast it is.

Artist:  Fleet Foxes

Prime Cut: Third of May / Ōdaigahara

Cut From: Seattle, Washington

Flavours Of: The Decemberists, Grizzly Bear, Father John Misty

The wait has been long and arduous but Fleet Foxes have finally returned from their extended hiatus with the majestic ‘Third of May/Ōdaigahara’. Packing in every facet explored on their previous albums, as well as in its closing moments a newfound sense of ethereal mysticism, it confidently reasserts Fleet Foxes dominance over American folk.


Artist: Forest Swords

Prime Cut: The Highest Flood

Cut From: Liverpool, United Kingdom

Flavours Of:  Oneohtrix Point Never, Actress, The Haxan Cloak

Matthew Barnes’ (A.K.A Forest Swords) idiosyncratic brand of dub remains as captivating as ever on new single ‘The Highest Flood’. Utilising deep horn blasts and clanging percussion, the song is an appropriate soundtrack for a dark and stormy night.


Artist: PWR BTTM

Prime Cut: Answer My Text

Cut From: New York, USA

Flavours Of:  Joyce Manor, Jeff Rosenstock

Queer-Punk duo PWR BTTM have been on the cusp of greatness for a while now, seemingly one song away from mass exposure. ‘Answer My Text’, with its empathetic exploration of modern romance and monstrously catchy chorus, may very well prove to be that song.


Artist: Girlpool

Prime Cut: 123

Cut From: Los Angeles, California

Flavours Of:  Waxahatchee, Frankie Cosmos

Girlpool deliver both intimacy and catharsis on the first cut off their upcoming album Powerplant. ‘123’ expertly transitions from hushed confessionals to grand sweeping proclamations, a subtle expansion of sound that signals good things to come for the duo.


Artist: Chastity Belt

Prime Cut: Different Now

Cut From: Seattle, Washington

Flavours Of: Cayetana, Twerps

Led by sombre guitar and pensive vocals, Chastity Belt take a decidedly melancholic turn on new track ‘Different Now’. The perfect track for lying under the stars and contemplating ones past and future.