ft. At The Drive-In, British Sea Power, Steve Lacy (The Internet), The Mountain Goats


Indie Rockers At The Drive-In are back with a new cut, it has been 17 years! Despite much less friction in Australia, British Sea Power continue to warm the chilly hearts of their British fans, so here is hoping their new cut will win us over. The Internet’s Steve Lacy debuts some new material and its soulful perfection, and speaking of the number 17, The Mountain Goats are set to deliver their 17th Studio Album (New Born), we have their latest cut.

Artist: At The Drive-In


Prime Cut: Incurably Innocent

Cut From: El Paso, Texas

Flavours Of: Fugazi, Black Flag

It’s been around 17 years since ATDI delivered their last album and with new member Keeley Davis, who has replaced founding member Jim Ward, the band will deliver in • ter a • li • a on the 5th of May through Rise Records. ‘Incurably Innocent’ is the second cut delivered by the band and sets the scene for probably this year’s biggest come back.  This is powerful, gutsy and antagonizing, what you expect from a band with such persistent energy.


Artist: British Sea Powerbsp

Prime Cut: Keep on Trying (Sechs Freunde)

Cut From:  Brighton, UK

Flavours Of:  Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand

Oh it’s good to have BSP back, a band that probably don’t get the love they deserve in Australia.  This second cut from their forthcoming album ‘Let The Dancers Inherit The Party has the band venturing back into accessible pop sensibilities, singing “Sechs Freunde” translating as “6 Friends”, perhaps a reference to the band themselves (too obvious?) BSP will delight their long-standing fans and may well welcome a few new ones as the Summer European festivals start to simmer.  This is a catchy ear-worm but always slight unhinged and unconventional pop that we have come to expect from these British coastal oddities.


Artist: Steve Lacy (The Internet)steve-lacy-the-internet

Prime Cut: Dark Red

Cut From:  Compton, California

Flavours Of: Amy Winehouse, Frank Ocean, Sampha

The Internet as a collective seek to explore wondrous heights of R&B, hip-hop, soul and funk, their sound is unique yet unconditionally familiar.  Individually, you can further appreciate what each member brings to the collective, we had Syd’s solo delivery of a debut and now we have guitarist Steve Lacy.  A distorted kick drum beats before the flange sounds of Lacy’s guitar slide in, vocals soulful as a warm hug, let’s not get started on the harmonies.  This is when you hear music that holds no era or genre, just sheer excellence in musical writing.


Artist:  The Mountain Goatsthe-mountain-goats-1487776969-640x427

Prime Cut: Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back to Leeds

Cut From: Claremont, California

Flavours Of:  The Magnetic Fields, The Decemberists

While the interesting and lyrically clever folk of The Mountain Goats, prepare for a tour of Oz (with support from Oh! Pep), they are set to deliver their 17th studio album, Goths. In fact, John Darnielle really is “The Mountain Goats”, the voice, the lyric and the music.  If not acquainted with TMG, on first lesson (it’s never too late) you will notice the influence Darnielle has on many bands that mark our ears today.  Nothing new here but sheer brilliance in lyrical motifs and music to boot.