ft. Gold Member (Syd, Aus) Curbside Drive (Per, Aus) Bas (Queens, NYC) Go Fever (Austin, TX) Das Sonnenkind (Syd, Aus)

willIt’s another week of freshly weaned music this week, with a good 250 cuts of music to sift through, 3 out of 5 Australian cuts caught our ears. Gold Member will no doubt gain their momentum for greater things in 2017 and Curbside Drive deliver a classic pop-punk gem. Sydney’s Das Sonnenkind cleanses the mind with his layered electronic landscape.  A great week of fresh undiscovered music, enjoy.

Artist: Gold Membergold-member

Cut: Waiting For You

Cut From: Sydney, AUS

Flavours Of: Bob Moses, The Beautiful Girls  

Sydney duo Gold member returns with the dreamy summer tune that is both melodic, rhythmic and inexplicably cool. The song may be stripped back and a little raw but it’s full of emotion and charm.

Artist: Curbside Drivesidele

Cut: Sideline

Cut From: Perth, Australia

Flavours Of: Blink 182, Bleeding Knees Club

This pragmatic punk rock number has nostalgia levels so high you’ll be wishing you were 16 again. The perfect mix of pop punk with an emo tinge is the perfect ode to why you should never let your music taste grow up!

bas-oneCut: Penthouse

Cut From: Queens, New York City

Flavours Of: Kendrick Lamar

The breathy voice of New York wordsmith Bas is a remarkable instrument: indelibly evanescent, fragile yet powerful across this entire track. With a taste for mellow beats, his songs are intricate waves that will have you hooked.

Artist: Go Fever go-fever

Cut: United States of Mind

Cut From: Austin, Texas

Flavours Of: Middle Kids, HINDS

Austin’s Go Fever formed in 2016 behind singer Acey Monaro and have the chops to go along with her pipes. Ahead of their new album, the band is sharing the latest single of that album for “United States of My Mind.” The soaring pop-twinged that oozes synths and good vibes pales in comparison to the darker lyrics.

Artist: Das Sonnenkind  konstantinsonnenkind

Cut: Lost In Sound

Cut From: Sydney, Australia

Flavours Of:  Jamie XX, Tycho

The title of this song speaks for itself. You are lost in an array of sounds swept up in a wistful focus. The whole thing is filtered and submerged, the combination of soothing beats and layered samples is as inventive as this genre can be.