Ft. Marika Hackman (London), Palais (Perth), Matadors (Manchester), Stevie Talks (Costa Mesa), May Lyn (Brisbane), Beloved Elk (Melbourne)

Jack 2250 cuts (tracks) plus and counting; it takes love and devotion to sift through the music we graciously receive from bands/songwriters/promoters/record labels around the world.  This week we celebrate another outstanding week of brand new music from talent that you may not have heard.  From London, we discovered the excellent Marika Hackman, while in our home country, well, where do we start, perhaps with the laid back R&B sounds of May Lyn or the ever evolving and surprising Beloved Elk.  Get spoilt with it all.

Marika Hackman by Pip for Dirty Hit Records
Marika Hackman by Pip for Dirty Hit Records

Artist: Marika Hackman

Cut: Boyfriend

Cut From: London, UK

Flavours Of: Laura Marling, Gabriella Cohen

We’re getting a really strong Sunday afternoon vibe from this beautifully crafted track. It makes a great soundtrack for soaking up the last of the sun before we’re hit with nine months of continual drizzle.


Artist: Palaispalais

Cut: Instant Crush (feat. Your Girl Pho)

Cut From: Perth, Australia

Flavours Of: Cosmos Midnight, Flume

Perth has been churning out some wonderful pop lately, a wave Your Girl Pho has had a large part in churning up. Easy and fun, with solid replay value.

Artist:  Matadorsmatadors

Cut: Trumpet of Conscience

Cut From: Manchester, UK

Flavours Of: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Pond

It’s difficult to not get caught up in the joy that leaks from every moment of this. It carries itself with a confident swagger, before drifting comfortably into the horizon.

Artist: Stevie Talksstevie-talks

Cut: Pollyanna

Cut From: Costa Mesa, USA

Flavours Of: Wilco, Spoon

Gentle whispers of past-age romance and a skill in pop-hook execution give Stevie Talks the momentum he’ll need to take him far in this turbulent industry. With every release he pushes himself to greater heights, and it’s becoming an increasing joy to listen to.

Artist: May Lynmary-lyn

Cut: First

Cut From: Brisbane, Australia

Flavours Of: Mei Saraswati, Kučka

Laidback R&B, perhaps by its nature, is rarely a genre that sticks with you long after it’s finished. There’s something about May Lyn’s voice that distinguishes it from the pack, helps it travel with you into the void of your everyday life.

Artist: Beloved Elkelk

Cut: Distractions

Cut From: Melbourne, Australia

Flavours Of: Slint, Parades

Capturing that mid-nineties zeitgeist, Beloved Elk continue to function as an excellent lens to the increasingly distant past.