ft. Young Fathers, Gang Of Youths, Real Estate, Annie Bass and Dirty Projectors


This week we have some genre hopping talents that are making big names for themselves in the industry and beyond. It’s a mixed bag as always, with something for everyone!


young-fathersArtist: Young Fathers

Prime Cut: Only God Knows [ft. Leith Congregational Choir]

Cut From: Edinburgh, Scotland

Flavours Of: Clipping / Massive Attack

The 2014 Mercury Prize winners put on their soundtrack hat for T2 Trainspotting, with this being just one of six songs on the upcoming movie. ‘Only God Knows’ sees the clamorous rap-rock of Young Fathers refined with the help of the Leith Congregational Choir to create a charged pop song.


gang_of_youths_al_kalyk-162_2Artist: Gang Of Youths

Prime Cut: What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?

Cut From: Sydney, Australia

Flavours Of: TV On The Radio / White Lung

Just before they depart our shores indefinitely to spread their incendiary rock in London, the Sydney five-piece give us the first taste of their new album. Try and keep up with the pace and thunder of the instruments during the chorus.


realestateArtist: Real Estate

Prime Cut: Darling

Cut From: New Jersey, United States

Flavours Of: The Go-Betweens / The Drums

Honestly, there is no one that does jangle pop quite like Real Estate. ‘Darling’ is the least abrasive thing you’ll hear all year with spacious guitars and rolling bass that have this playful chemistry. They’re never at odds but always challenging the other which makes ‘Darling’ such a great song.


annie-bass-dont-want-premiereArtist: Annie Bass

Prime Cut: Don’t Wait

Cut From: Sydney, Australia

Flavours Of: Purity Ring / BUOY

Annabel Weston aka Annie Bass combines with Melbourne Producer Christopher Port to give a glimpse of the promising future for Australian electronic music. Bass’s vocals are doleful and emotive while Port’s consistent 2-step production carries the gorgeous vocals throughout.


dirtyprojectors_shawnbrackbill_2166_1_display_horizontalArtist: Dirty Projectors

Prime Cut: Cool Your Heart (ft. DAWN)

Cut From: Brooklyn, New York

Flavours Of: Animal Collective / Panda Bear

With the Dirty Projectors now consisting of only David Longstreth, it would be easy to assume that the layers of talent may have dissipated. Instead, Longstreth oozes his proclivity for obscure pop. ‘Cool Your Heart’ offers a tropical respite in the form of DAWN, yet seems to maintain the erratic “experimentality” of Longstreth, which makes it excellent.