ft. Dress Thèque, KOYO, The Courtneys, Todavia, Biscotti and Methyl Ethel

Jack 2

We couldn’t believe how easy it was to comb through all the new music and find our favourite tracks! Our eclectic mix from the independent artists across the globe are reminders that great music never stops


lanslideArtist: Dress Thèque

Cut: Landslide

Cut From: Sydney, Australia

Flavours Of: Caribou / MGMT

Ease into the weekend with this tracks laid-back toppling and its subtly encompassing Australiana feel. By the time the pads rise up it’s too late, you’re already having fun.


koyo-full-band-images-01Artist: KOYO

Cut: Tetrachromat

Cut From: Leeds, UK

Flavours Of: Tame Impala / Slowdive

This one took us by surprise. With a flood of de-tuned noise and vocals that rise in steps that shouldn’t make sense, this track is far more than the sum of its parts.


thecourtneys02_andrewvolkArtist: The Courtneys

Cut: Tour

Cut From: Vancouver, Canada

Flavours Of: Pavement / Eddy Current Suppression Ring

Be transported back to a time where life made more sense and your greatest threat was the off-key mail-man deliberately ignoring the “No Junk Mail” badge on your letterbox.


todaiviaArtist: Todavia

Cut: Fix Yourself

Cut From: Los Angeles, USA

Flavours Of: Beach House, /Hospitality

Dream-pop is quickly becoming 2017’s most annoying media buzzword. However, if we keep getting hit with music that’s as good as this, then it’ll all be worth it in the end.


biscottiArtist: Biscotti

Cut: Instamatic

Cut From: Melbourne, Australia

Flavours Of: Donny Benet / Giorgio Moroder

Italo-funk is to music as butter is to french cuisine. We just can’t get enough of it, especially when it’s executed with Carla Ori’s mind-meltingly good production.


methyl-ethelArtist: Methyl Ethel

Cut: Ubu

Cut From: Perth, Australia

Flavours Of: Big Scary / Cub Sport

Light the beacons and shout it from the roof-tops: Methyl Ethel are back and are more enjoyable than ever. Seriously, this track has been on repeat for days and it only gets better the more you experience it.