New Borns Of The Year 2016: Jarryd

 Jarryd2Pitting artists against each other in competitions, billboards and ‘Top 10 Lists’ is certainly a dubious action at best,  but it can’t be denied that some music resonates with us better than others. Taking this into account with the simple fact that music as a whole tends to be greater than the sum of their parts. My top 5 may not be comprised of the most skilled or accomplished artists but those that have had the staying power in my music rotation throughout this impressive year.





your-friendArtist: Your Friend

Album Title: Gumption

Label: Domino Recording Company

Genre: Indie

Moments Of: Pink Floyd

A rich and textured musical landscape that slips between raw vulnerability and reserved preservation. Gumption is an unassuming record that reveals itself over the course of multiple listens. A haunting presence that lingers long after the last note has ended.




Artist: The Shabbab

Album Title: Garlic

Label: Hive Minds

Genre: Arabic Garage Punk

Moments Of: Like nothing else.

The mayhem of international politics blasted through Arabic garage punk. Tackling immigration, racism, fear mongering rhetoric and colonialism all while maintaining a genuine sense of adventure.  Fun for the entire family.



hindsArtist: HINDS

Album Title: Leave Me Alone

Label: Mom + Pop

Genre Grage Rock

Moments Of: Lazertits

Rock as fun and subversive as it was always meant to be.  These rockers are a testament to Spain’s growing music culture and another nail in the coffin for the sexists views that women can’t rock out with the best of them.




angelArtist: Angel Olsen

Album Title: My Woman

Label: Jagjaguwar

Genre: Dream Country Folk

Moments Of: Sharon Von Etten

An artist obsessed with the nature of autonomy, individuality and what it means to be. Intelligent, insightful, abrasive and, at times, heart breaking. Olsen’s alternative country tour de force is a reminder not to pay too much attention to genre labels.



olympia-self-talkArtist: Olympia

Album Title: Self Talk

Label: Independent

Genre: Dream Pop

Moments Of: Dorothy Porter

A transmedial artist that explores both grande and obscure ideas through an eclectic range of tools and genres. Olympia combines the instrumental with the aesthetic to create a thoroughly considered approach to a performance that is truly spell binding.