New Borns Of The Year: Jack

Jack 2As time rudely continues to move forward, I’m doubling down on my efforts to find a flight path that will extend my Friday’s as long as possible. Week after week we’re hit with an increasingly alarming amount of music, (some I desperately want to forget about), and finding time to give these releases the time and space they deserve can be an art in, and of itself. I’m therefore pleased as all punch to be able to lend just a bit more time to these five incredible moments in music in 2016.


                                              AOTY #5
flood-networkArtist: Katie Dey
Album Title: Flood Network
Label: Joy Void
Genre: Nightmare Pop
Moments Of: Holly Herndon, Neutral Milk Hotel, Ricky Eat Acid
This was the pivot upon which my whole year turned. Few albums have made so deep an impact on my creative process, or on the way I look at music as a whole as much as Flood Network.

suiAOTY #4
Artist: Sui Zhen
Album Title: Secretly Susan
Label: Inertia
Genre: Balearic Pop
Moments Of: Suzanne Kraft, Beth Orton
Despite having absolutely no interest in the concept of sunlight, this album compels me to go outside and experience what everyone’s been raving about for thousands of years.

angelAOTY #3
Artist: Angel Olsen
Album Title: My Woman
Label: Jagjaguwar
Genre: Folk
Moments Of: Foxygen, Mutual Benefit, Sharon Van Etten
There’s something remarkably intimate and relatable in Olsen’s sound that leads you gradually into developing a very personal connection with the sound.

                                              AOTY #2
ooArtist: Zoos Of Berlin
Album Title: Instant Evening
Label: Don’t Look About
Genre: Europop, Americana
Moments Of: Architecture in Helsinki, David Bowie, Fleet Foxes
Creeping in during the last minutes of 2016’s chaotic theatre, Instant Evening is filled with joyous, foot-tapping pop. I’ve found it a suitable antidote to the nightmare safari that has been this year.

                                              AOTY #1
atrocityexhibitionArtist: Danny Brown
Album Title: Atrocity Exhibition
Label: Warp
Genre: Hip-Hop, Post-Punk
Moments Of: Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q
I had a friend spin a few tracks from this release around five in the morning and it blew my mind apart. It constantly threatens to overwhelm you, Brown’s pain is physically tangible, and as an experience it’s an overwhelmingly incredible ride.