New Borns Of The Year 2016: Will

willMusic is crucial to the consciousness of life. Whether you listen to your music at home, with your mates or in the wild, its effect on a listener are timeless. My selections have guided my year and strengthened my passion as a devoted listener and student of the world. New Borns; Dope Lemon see Angus Stone direct that endless summer, PUP keeps the dreams alive through pragmatic rage and shameless mosh pits, Viola Beach reminds us that life’s short so chasing your dream should never take the backseat and Pretenders give us a perfect combination of nostalgia and grit.

 AOTY #5

tourist-runArtist: Tourist

Album Title: U  

Label: Monday / Mtheory Artist Ventures / M-Theory Records

Genre: EDM

Moments Of: Flume

Stand Out: RUN, U

Journeying and introspective, ‘U’ pieces together a narrative that reflects on life’s odes; sculpting electronica, garage and piano together effortlessly.



viola_beach_albumArtist: Viola Beach

Album Title  Viola Beach

Label: Fuller Beans Records

Genre Indie Rock

Moments Of: The Kooks

Stand Out: Boys that Sing

Viola Beach’s album has become a sonic time capsule. It has created an intimate connection with endless youth through playful lyrics and feel good grooves.



holding_album_5676_432_abc-640x640Artist: Pretenders

Album Title: Alone  

Label: Sire

Genre: Rock

Moments Of: Black Keys

Stand Out: Alone, Gotta Wait

 Pretenders gritty rock aesthetic makes for a masterful array of grunge rock and nostalgic blues.



pupArtist: PUP

Album Title:  The Dream is Over

Label: Side One Dummy

Genre: Indie Rock

Moments Of: Violent Soho

Stand Out: If this Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will

PUP turn up the volume in this all revealing all pragmatic tale of punk rock anthems.


AOTY #1 

dope-lemonArtist: Dope Lemon

Album Title:  Honey Bones

Label: EMI

Genre: Indie rock /Folk

Moments Of: Bob Dylan

Stand Out: Uptown folks, Marinade

The prolific Angus Stone shows us why he’s the most innovative australian artists around.