ft. The Molochs, Slothrust, Grammar, Loose Buttons, Rationale and Parcels


As the year winds down so too do the releases but that doesn’t mean quality is slipping. We bring you an eclectic mix of smaller artists that will get you feeling ready for an adventure or two these holidays.



murlocsWeaning Lamb: The Molochs

Track: You and Me

Based In: L.A., USA

Flavours Of: Kurt Vile / Bob Dylan

‘You and Me’ is a breezy jangle of 60’s inspired pop from LA outfit The Molochs. With relaxed guitar solos and every-man vocals, ‘You and Me’ offers a soft and sun-faded glimpse of their up coming album America’s Velvet Glory.


slotrustWeaning Lamb: Slothrust

Track: Rotten Pumpkin

Based In: Brooklyn, USA

Flavours Of: PJ Harvey / Slant 6

Slick with harmonies, a fist-pumping pace and cracking lyrics “reach inside of me and scoop out my seeds“, ‘Rotten Pumpin’ is a tasty treat from Slothrust. The Brooklyn trio dish out melodic, over driven grunge sounds on their latest track.


grammarWeaning Lamb: Grammar

Track: Michigan

Based In: Massachusett, USA

Flavours Of: Rhye / Wet

‘Michigan’s sultry start slides into an uplifting chorus glimmering with 70’s synths. The second single from electro-pop group Grammar shimmers with muted beats and angelic vocals.


loose-buttonWeaning Lamb: Loose Buttons

Track: Milk & Roses

Based In: NYC, USA

Flavours Of: Arctic Monkeys / Nothing But Thieves

With an Alex Turner-tinged swagger, Loose Buttons reflect on the broken-hearted stage of a break up with ‘Milk & Roses’. The song blooms with an understated, British-sounding take on classic alt-rock production.



rationaleWeaning Lamb: Rationale

Track: Vessels

Based In: London, UK

Flavours Of: Drake / John Legend

‘Vessels’ is a stunning, soulful cut from Rationale. Sam Smith-calibre vocals paired with trailblazing minimalist production makes this track very near flawless.


parcelsWeaning Lamb: Parcels

Track: Older

Based In: Berlin/Byron Bay

Flavours Of: Metronomy / Client Liaison

‘Older’ is a pure heart-warmer from Parcels. The quintet now split their time between Byron Bay and Berlin, influencing their blend of sunny yet savvy pop polished to perfection.