ft. Keiandra (Newcastle UK), Saxsyndrum (Montreal), Stillehavet (Bergen), Me Not You (Brooklyn), Pastel Dream (San Fransisco)

jamesIt has been nearly a year since we started Weaning Lambs, a feature that delivers artists/bands from around the world who may be at the early parts of their musical journey, whether recently signed or not.  As we dive into 2017 we are excited about sharing more artists that you probably haven’t heard before.  This week we deliver a collection of tracks that all have a dreamy tone, perhaps its the time of the year, perhaps its the sound of 2017, let’s wait and hear.


Weaning Lamb:  Keiandrakiki-new-press-pics166148crop

Track:  Milk Tooth

Based In: Newcastle, UK

Flavours Of: Garbage, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Vallis Alps

Sometimes music is just better with headphones, and this new single from 19-year-old Keiandra, showcases the fact. Swirling samples, shuffling drums and layered vocals come together on this impressive chunk of dream-pop with a sharp dark edge.

Weaning Lamb: Saxsyndrumsaxsyndrum_pressphoto_03_1x1-624x624_0314101544090_16x9_620x350

Track: Up To You

Based In: Montreal, Canada

Flavours Of: Future Islands, Destroyer

Sax and drums is pretty much what you get with this inventive new cut from Montreal’s, Saxsyndrums, the revolving sounds of a saxophone set against simple dance rhythms and euphoric samples deliver an uplifting and contagious track.


Weaning Lamb: Stillehavetstillehavet

Track: Cinnamon and Lemon

Based In: Bergen, Norway

Flavours Of: Bat For Lashes, Chairlift, Portishead

Underlying the sugar-coated sounds of Cinnamon and Lemon lays something more sinister and mysterious. Blending a 60s rawness and 90s trip hop groove, this is one of those tracks that plays on the peripheral of all musical genres.

Weaning Lamb: Me Not Youme-not-hyou

Track: Bulletproof

Based In: Brooklyn, New York

Flavours Of: Purity Ring, Chvches, Ladyhawke

You could be quite easily mistaken thinking that this debut single from Brooklyn’s Me Not You, is just one of a hit parade, its memorable melody, instantly recognisable lyrics showing all the signs of a band (well duo) knowing how to play the musical game. In all its simplicity in perfect popness, here is band that we will add to the 2017 ones to watch.


Weaning Lamb: Pastel Dreampastel-dreams

Track: Fall

Based In: San Francisco, USA

Flavours Of: Camera Obscura, Lush, Lowtide

Slightly behind the 8-ball on this joyous band from San Francisco, Pastel Dreams recently delivered their self-titled debut EP, four well-rounded tracks of reverb guitars and distantly washed-out vocals. Delicate and vulnerable, Pastel Dreams, play from the heart.