Lorenzo Senni, Oneida & Rhys Chatham, Frida, Huntly and Cloud Nothings

Jack 2

This week we dug a little deeper to find you some real gold to sink your proverbial teeth into. Senni belts out a pounding beat, Oneida and Rhys collaborate on a brilliant shoegaze / punk influenced number. Frida shines bright while Huntly and Cloud Nothings prove that they aren’t one trick ponies.



Artist: Lorenzo Senni


Prime Cut: Win In The Flat World

Cut From: Milan, Italy

Flavours Of: Yves Tumor / Katie Gately

Those stabs are what sold us. Solid production all around, but there’s something extra to be said about the way those hats fall over each other, creating a driving rhythm that’ll get your feet moving.


oneidaArtist: Oneida & Rhys Chatham

Prime Cut: You Get Brighter

Cut From: New York, US

Flavours Of: David Toop / Roy Montgomery

We’re enjoying this recent wave of New York minimalist/rock collaborations. Decidedly noisier than the Tim Burgess and Peter Gordon partnership, but still a really well formed partnership and sound.


frida-press-web-res-1024x669Artist: Frida

Prime Cut: I Want In Your Head

Cut From: Melbourne, Aus

Flavours Of: Grizzly Bear / Kate Miller-Heidke

The perfect start to a week. Gilligan’s voice properly shines here, and when it soars into the chorus it draws a smile from ear to ear.


huntlyArtist: Huntly

Prime Cut: Please

Cut From: Melbourne, Aus

Flavours Of: Kllo / Oscar Key Sung

Music for the up-coming sun-drenched seasons. The perfect soundtrack to an 8 pm sunset.


cloud-nothings-503f4797b9d09Artist: Cloud Nothings

Prime Cut: Internal World

Cut From: Cleveland, US

Flavours Of: Pinkerton / Japandroids

The cleaner turn they’ve taken on their recent releases could’ve gone horribly awry. Our faith was well placed though, and we’re treated here to something that’s fresh, fun and unmistakably Cloud Nothings.