ft. Megastick Fanfare, A Tribe Called Quest, Pond, Dungen and BV


We have the weird, the wonderful and the unexpected for you this week. ATCQ return with with a damn powerful melody, MS FF are as unpredictable as always, Pond are calling your bullshit out, Dungen soothes your soul before BV haunt you on the smoke filled dance floor.



megastick-fanfareArtist: Megastick Fanfare

Prime Cut: Mammoth

Cut From: Sydney, NSW

Flavours Of: Alt J / Delphic

The first single from their forthcoming second album Nighs, ‘Mammoth’ begins as a gentle handhold before erupting into an eclectic, emotionally driven outburst. Built by driving percussion, trickling synths and booming vocals, the explosion is as exciting as it is unpredictable.


a-tribe-called-quest-1989Artist: A Tribe Called Quest

Prime Cut: We The People

Cut From: Queens, New York

Flavours Of: The Roots / De La Soul

How could we go past a cut from We got it from Here….Thank You 4 Your service. A Tribe Called Quest bid farewell, and pass the torch to the new generation. ‘We The People’ is what they do best, fastened for the predicaments and trials of the 21st Century.


pondArtist: Pond

Prime Cut: 30,000 Megatons

Cut From: Perth, WA

Flavours Of: Ty Segall / David Bowie

A timely tune for reasons we don’t need to go into, ‘30,000 Megatons’ is exactly what the name suggests an explosion that’s going to clear your sinuses, if not everything else. Synths build into horns which build into electric guitars, while desperate lyrics accompany throughout; including a Kyle & Jackie O reference.


dungen_2010Artist: Dungen

Prime Cut: Jakten Genom Skogen

Cut From: Stockholm, Sweden

Flavours Of: BadBadNotGood / Tame Impala

A perfect arrangement of instrumentals on ‘Jakten Genom Skogen’ creates a cohesive piece of soundscape music. The strain it must take to play these instruments so delicately is an incredible juxtaposition. The persistant feathered drums are a stand-out.


black-vanilla_0Artist: BV

Prime Cut: Up In The Flesh

Cut From: Sydney, NSW

Flavours Of: The Prodigy / Marcus Whale

Marcus Whale, Jarred Beeler and Lavurn Lee offer the ghostly experimental on ‘Up In The Flesh’. Jagged beats, persistent kicks and ambient wails drive this somber and distant underground rave tune.