In A Field Of Their Own – Rudie Edwards


jamesIt takes a certain audacity to gain the right recognition in the music industry, the challenge of holding the attention of the forever shifting focus of us music lovers. When an artist comes along and offer something so fresh, intriguing and instantly inimitable it is then that we feel we have stumbled across something special.  Rudie Edwards, debut single ‘Im Not Her’ invokes the seduction of Diana Ross in the 21st Century, slightly gritty and seductive, this unmistakable talent is yet another gem to form out of the talent bearing Brit School in London, Croydon.

The notable Alumni of Brit School achievers have supported Adele, Amy Winehouse, Katy B, Imogen Heap, Kate Nash, Jessie J and The Kooks in channeling their talents and guide their unwavering path of success.  Perhaps a gentle and warm helping hand, their rise to excellence is not without hard work and self-belief and this also goes for Rudie Edwards, who also joins the alumni and an artist of great hope for 2017.

“When I was 16, I was accepted into the Brit School and continued to perform and sing there, it was really fun. Then before I knew it, I was singing in front of Craig Kallman (Chairman of Atlantic Records) in his office in NYC.  A month later I got a record deal”.

Edwards grew up in Dover, on the east coast of the UK in a family of broad musical taste, surrounded by the unnerving dulcet tones of Ian Curtis from Joy Division to the rip-roaring vocal strength Tina Turner. “I remember sneaking away with grandpa’s headphones and going into the other room and performing Tina Turner songs while the rest of the family were visiting”.

The Brit School was just the kick-start that Edwards needed to nurture and foster her poems into perfectly orchestrated music. Her recently delivered debut single plays out like a torn soul, the pain of lost love and the yearning it brings, told as it is this 21st century, set against eerie retro synths and pulsating beats. The capturing result is one of the most exciting alternative dance/disco tracks of the year. “The biggest influence on my music has to be the heartbreak I’ve experienced in my 26 years, having your heartbeat up a couple of times inspires the best songs I think.”, says Edwards when considering her influences in songwriting.

Rudie Edwards_ Twitter

Having a strong idea on artistry direction is important to Edward’s offering, her collaborations with house DJ/Producer Ten Ven and spending time in LA working with CeeLo Green and Beatrice Eli, strengthened her artistic direction. “I think I have a strong idea of who I am as an artist and what that sounds like, developing my sound is an internal soul-searching process”.

When talking about the process of collaborations, Edwards acknowledges the experience and celebrates it’s challenges, although we get a sense that she is undoubtedly ready for recognition as a solo artist “ I think it’s great when you work with people, catch a vibe and it just sort of happens”.

So while the musical landscape of new artistry continues to grow deeper and broader, Edwards is excited to be heading into 2017 with a compilation of new material and focusing on some live shows “I just can’t wait to get out there!” Edwards responds, when asked about what 2017 will look like. Without question, we know that 2017 will be kind to Rudie Edwards and we stand eager with sheer excitement for her new material and reading those reviews of the live experience.

With a final request of revelling fellow artists of great new music, it was Grammy Award winner Anna Wise who was Edward’s “jam”. “I mean lyrically this girl is on fire, very inspiring, the kind of stuff that has you thinking, questioning things, I’m all for that!”  Clearly a fine artist, who like Edward’s has a remarkable ability to deliver lyrics of intense nature with progressive beats and carefully mastered samples.  It is going to be a great 2017 for Rudie Edwards and we are happy to be part of it.