ft. Okin Osan, Family Friends, Port Juvee, Allume, You Are Number Six

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This week we have a bunch of artists that are easy to digest but manage to sustain substance in their music, not exactly an easy feat. Okin Osan brings back a 50’s swing vibe with progressive and open ideals, Family Friends bassy beats are gorgeous, Port Juvee’s instrumental is reminiscent of Blink 182, Allume hypnotises while You Are Number Six’s production work is a marvel


okiWeaning Lamb: Okin Osan

Track: All I Want

Based In: Sydney, Australia

Flavours Of: Buddy Holly / Blondie

It’s bubbly and refreshing and makes us smile, something we’ve been failing to do much of lately.


family-friendsWeaning Lamb: Family Friends

Track: Look The Other Way

Based In: London, UK / Melbourne, Aus

Flavours Of: Weezer / Beach Baby

We love the eclectic, yet highly enjoyable sound that’s being crafted here. We’re enamoured with that powerful, Eurythmics-esque bass that gives way to something decidedly more pop flavoured.


port-juvveeWeaning Lamb: Port Juvee

Track: Crimewave

Based In: Calgary, Canada

Flavours Of: Diiv / Beach Fossils

There’s a fine line between New York City post-punk and California surf garage that Port Juvee have absolutely nailed. Highly energetic and enjoyable.


allumeWeaning Lamb: Allume

Track: Paperbark

Based In: Adelaide, Australia

Flavours Of: htrk / Grouper

The slow vocal manipulation here is such a joy. The sound itself is thick like honey and liquid vinyl, it’s so easy to get lost in it.


14906936_1216527785085557_7680569622411966748_nWeaning Lamb: You Are Number Six

Track: This Glimpse Of You

Based In: Montpelier, France

Flavours Of: The National / New Order

While the content is infinitely more hopeful than anything Matt Berninger has ever put out, if you enjoy that baritone kick you’ll enjoy this. We’re really enjoying the attention to detail put into the synth programming, they’re all encompassing but still somehow give the vocals room to breathe.