ft. The Regrettes, NVDES, ISLAND and Stella In The Clouds

Keegan2We do the hard work so you don’t have to. Here’s the latest batch of piping hot tracks for artists that are on fire right now. Pay attention, there will be a test afterwards.





Weaning Lamb: The Regrettes

Track: Hot

Based In: Los Angeles

Flavours Of: The Grates / WAXX

This four-piece provide punk with pop sensibilities, which mixes to make rock & roll. A song about arrogance always leads to interesting results, with screams and in your face instrumentals ‘Hot’ strips skin from the bone.


snapseed-02Weaning Lamb: NVDES

Track: 8 am

Based In: Los Angeles

Flavours Of: The Knife / Fischerspooner

There’s no algorithm that can explain this disjointed pop and electro-synth bash. Definitely a song to listen to at 10 pm rather than ‘8 am’


island-smaller-3Weaning Lamb: ISLAND

Track: A Place Like You

Based In: London

Flavours Of: Sticky Fingers / DMA’s

A simple swoon that seems to emulate a lot of the sound young Australians are enjoying. Some catchy guitar riffs that blend into mellowed-out slacker indie rock.


stella95941Weaning Lamb: Stella In The Clouds

Track: A Quiet Collision

Based In: Brooklyn via France

Flavours Of: Warpaint / Waxahatchee

Stella In the Clouds combines her hushed vocals with synths and a free-reign guitar to give us this hypnotic song. ‘Quiet Collision’ is a lengthy sonic inhale and exhale made right next to your ear.