ft. Fractures, Yeo, Lazertits, Frida Sundemo, Heart Beach


We love combing through websites and emails to find the tracks that just make us feel something real. Sometimes it’s from artists we have loved for a long time and sometimes it’s someone new. Either way, we are just thankful that we get an opportunity to share with our fellow music nerds!



Auntitledrtist: Fractures

Prime Cut: Fall Harder

Cut From: Melbourne, Aus

Flavours Of: Lanks, Bon Iver

Fractures have released a hot track from their forth coming album Still Here. ‘Fall Harder’ is an atmospheric deceleration and emotional exposure of fragility, love and determination. With masterful sampling, dynamic switches of thunderous clashes to rain-like finger picking, Fractures creates a wonderful musical storm you gotta experience.


95d2d864dd8c1e8bad80aa52d600aed7Artist: Yeo

Prime Cut: Frost

Cut From: Melbourne, Aus

Flavours Of: Thundercat

Smooth, sexy, challenging and damn funky. Yeo has created something really special for us music geeks this week. Gaming, R&B, funk and a whole lot of unique talent. With an upcoming tour, make sure you catch Yeo live.


0006169238_10Artist: Lazertits

Prime Cut: Boss Bitch

Cut From: Melbourne, Aus

Flavours Of: Joan Jett

It may not be the most recently released track but this fire-spitting video is a smash hit of piping hot punk. Pulling no punches, these bad assess are sick of your bull shit ‘Take back that double take‘ says it all.


fs_e_600pxArtist: Frida Sundemo

Prime Cut: We Are Dreamers

Cut From: Gothenburg, Sweden

Flavours Of: Queen Of Hearts

Your feel good ballad for the week comes from Frida Sundemo’s ‘We Are The Dreamers’. A refreshing self affirmation against a back drop of self aware, sad kid indi that we love so much. Chuck this on your morning commute and you’ll be sure to have a little extra spring in your step before you have even downed that second coffee.


heartbeachArtist: Heart Beach

Prime Cut: Brittle

Cut From: South Hobart Tasmania

Flavours Of: Major Leagues

Speaking of sad indi kids, Heart Beach brings out the droning guitar, simple drum beats and fuzzy leads that is undeniably charming, melancholic and just god damn perfect