ft. The Radio Dept, Filthy Friends (Sleater-Kinney & R.E.M), The Flaming Lips, The Cinematic Orchestra, Bad Pony

jamesEach Prime Cuts, delivers 5 new tracks each week, that each of our contributors select from a plethora of cuts from around the world.  This week we celebrate a 6 year hiatus from Sweden’s The Radio Dept as they present one of their political albums to date, the cut itself is one their most danceable to date.  Sydney upcomers Bad Pony, deliver an impressive new cut,  the 30 songs, 30 days initiative against Trump continues with Filthy Friends, London’s The Cinematic Orchestra, deliver another emotive cut and The Flaming Lips just do what they do best.


Artist:  The Radio Deptthe-radio-dept

Cut: Committed to the Cause

Cut From:  Lund,  Sweden

Flavours of: The Stone Roses, New Order, Pet Shop Boys

Six long years it has taken the Swedish, now duo band, to release the follow up to the brilliant Clinging To A Scheme.  The Radio Dept continue to flutter under the radar of synth pop, dreamy tunes despite their underrated brilliance and international influence.  With the delivery of the new politically driven album, Running Out Of Love, ‘Committed to the Cause’ strikes the political chord with so much groove and optimism, lyrics aside, it oozes, sunshine and gorgeous grooves.


Artist: Filthy Friends (Sleater-Kinney & R.E.M)filthy-friends

Cut: Despierta

Cut From: Washington, USA

Flavours of: Sleater Kinney, Le Tigre, Bikini Kill

Since the first of October, 30 Days, 30 Songs has delivered a daily cut of music tailored to an anti-Trump music campaign.  Filthy Friends includes Peter Buck from R.E.M and Corin Tucker from Sleater-Kinney with a host of other equal talents and have contributed ‘Despierta’ to the cause.  A gritty, straight-up and punchy rock track with a clear message and an up-yours to Trump and all he stands for.  Beyond the political drive, its a rocking track full of edge, cutting guitars and thumping rhythms.


Artist: The Flaming Lipsthe-flaming-lips

Cut: The Castle

Cut From: Oklahoma City, USA

Flavours of: Mercury Rev, Deerhunter

The wonderfully psychedelic perfection continue to warm our cockles with their unique take on melancholic electro-infused oddity, with ‘The Castle’, a laid-back cut that sweetly drifts in a state of mellow bliss, with lyrics, of butterflies, fairytales, castles, smiles, rainbows, sunbeams and waves.  Wayne Coyne is an absolute gem to the music industry today.


Artist: The Cinematic Orchestrathe-cinematic-orchestra-jpeg

Cut: To Believe

Cut From: London, United Kingdom

Flavours of: Bon Iver, Blue States, Zero 7

The Cinematic Orchestra are best known for their intricate and emotive soundtrack pieces, they have the ability to evoke extreme emotions in everything they produce.  ‘To Believe’ sees the ensemble dig deeper into a sadden heart, collaborating with LA vocalist Moses Sumney, the result is something truly haunting yet urging uplifting and hopeful sentiments.  A stunning piece of music.


Artist: Bad Ponybad-pony

Cut: Bottles

Cut From: Sydney, Australia

Flavours of:  Bombay Bicycle Club, Foals, The Wombats

The gang at Rare Finds are doing a lot to brighten the horizons of the Sydney independent music scene, the bands discovered are exceptional.  Bad Pony deliver ‘Bottles’ their second offering, this time around taking their sound up a notch while still remaining true to their upbeat nature.  Another scorching track that will have the band set for a bigger following with their upcoming tour.  All the makings of a band we look forward to seeing grow in 2017.