ft. Bleach Girls, Death Team, Changelings, Timothy Nelson, YJY and Rose Villain



For those of you getting pumped, or already in the throes, of your weekend, we have some bangers to get you to the next level. For those of you still recovering from last night, or just not feeling it, turn these tracks up and revitalize yourself.



Weaning Lamb: Bleach Girls

Track: Like You

Based In: Byron Bay, Australia

Flavours Of: Dune Rats / Skegss

There must be something in the water in Byron Bay, because we’re keep getting a steady dose of surf-rock goodness, especially on the latest cut from Bleach Girls.This lo-fi sing-a-long makes it impossible not to picture yourself kicking back under some summer sun, maybe even with a drink or two.


death-teamWeaning Lamb: Death Team

Track: Messed Up

Based In: Stockholm, Sweden

Flavours Of: Eminem / Kimbra

Swedish duo Death Team are outrageous. The genre-blurring pair consider themselves “a cross between Abba and Eminem”, and if we’re honest, we kind of agree. Lush synths draw you in before you get stuck humming along to the ridiculously catchy melody, this song is the definition of a party anthem.


timWeaning Lamb: Timothy Nelson

Track: We Never Change

Based In: Perth, Australia

Flavours Of: Timothy Nelson & the Infidels

Timothy Nelson has nailed down his sound perfectly, toying with the charm and sensibilities of folk, with all the catchiness of pop. The single is another cut from his forthcoming album Words Like Young, which looks to be the most considered collection yet from the Perth songwriter.


yjyWeaning Lamb: YJY

Track: Evergreens

Based In: New Jersey, U.S.A

Flavours Of: The Cure / Twin Peaks

There is nothing but good time vibes from YJY on their track ‘Evergreens’. The New Jersey group smartly blend a fuzz-driven sound with an incessantly comforting melody on the final cut from their sophomore EP Same Noise.


rose-villianWeaning Lamb: Rose Villain

Track: Geisha

Based In: Milan, Italy

Flavours Of: Rihanna / M.I.A


“If you play nice I’ll rip my kimono apart” growls Rose Villain on her new track ‘Geisha’. A self proclaimed pop badass, Villain entices the ears with her headstrong vocals, layered perfectly between the skittish electronica.