ft. Helado Negro, Jenny Hval, D∆WN, Machinedrum and Tkay Maidza

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This is a week of absurd talent boiling over. We have identity politics, 80’s reflective pop and extremely catchy, genuinely fun tunes for you to get your dance on to. Be merry, have fun and take a break from the daily grind.

Artist: Helado Negro

Prime Cut: It’s My Brown Skin

Cut From: New York, USA

Flavours Of: Panda Bear /Matthew Dear

Taken from his latest release Private Energy, Roberto Carlos Lange’s side project as Helado Negro continues to meditate on identity and difficulties of inter-personal connections. ‘It’s My Brown Skin’ is the microcosm for a release full of clever sound design, soothing rhythms and deeply personal lyricism.


jennyArtist: Jenny Hval

Prime Cut: Conceptual Romance

Cut From: Oslo, Norway

Flavours Of: Holly Herndon / Julia Holter

We find this track a fantastic entry point for her album Blood Bitch, easily one of the best releases we’ve heard this year. The musical menstrala threads it’s way beautifully through an album littered with Hval’s art-pop sensibilities and nothing captures that essence better than this track.


dawn-richardArtist: D∆WN

Prime Cut: Renegades

Cut From: New Orleans, USA

Flavours Of: Autre Ne Veut / FKA Twigs

Taken from her upcoming release Redemption, D∆WN continues a long standing streak of dropping quality, clever and catchy tunes. Try listening to “Renegades” without compulsively moving some part of your body in time with the music; we doubt it’s possible.


machinedrum-590Artist: Machinedrum

Prime Cut: Lapis

Cut From: North Carolina, USA

Flavours Of: Sepalcure / Zomby

Album openers are rarely the tracks that stick with you, but we couldn’t help but smile as we pictured the look on Travis Stewart’s face as he made the decision to put a two minute long break as the start of the new Machinedrum album. It’s a brilliant tease as it builds and builds before dissolving into nothingness. It’s sonically beautiful even if we are reading too much into it and it get’s you hooked into the rest of what ends up being another quality release from the old Sepalcure legend.

Artist: tkayTkay Maidza

Prime Cut: Tennies

Cut From: Adelaide, Australia

Flavours Of: Nicki Minaj /M.I.A.

We’re getting on the Tkay train before she blows up. This is fun, it’s catchy and it makes us crave her debut LP even more. Maidza has already become such a powerful voice in Australia’s music conversation and we can’t wait to hear what she delivers.