ft. Matthew & Me (Devon), TOMSEA (Adelaide), Talmont (London), Aloric (London),

jamesWeaning Lambs returns this week with five cuts of music from around the world.  We spent a little more time in the UK this week, spoilt by some music that just had to be shared.  Matthew & Me, from Devon, deliver a beautifully touching cut, while in London, Talmont deliver such ethereal beauty, the same goes for the forever glowing Aloric, their new cut is masterful.  In Australia, we hear from the mighty talented solo work of TOMSEA, and along the Gold Coast, well, you will be surprised what you will find, Yes Sir Noceur ft Aquial Young, is simply not GC.  


Weaning Lambs  Matthew and Mematthew-and-me-4

Cut  Silver

Based In  Devon, United Kingdom

Flavours of  Big Scary, Death Cab For Cutie

Listening to Matthew and Me’s latest single ‘Silver’ reveals a beautifully produced cut, that is shoots straight to the heart with its gentle nature.  Guitars twinkle and dance about in front of electronic bleeps that playfully hang in the background.  With a sense of freedom and hope, Matthew Board’s, vocals soar to a chorus of memorable proportions.

Weaning Lambs  TOMSEAtomsea

Cut  Brain Damage

Based In  Adelaide, Australia

Flavours of  The XX, Jesus & The Mary Chain, Deptford Goth

TOMSEA aka Tom Barton has modestly tinkered with music for the last 20 years, playing in various Adelaide bands, blending his interpretation in shoe-gaze, electronica and post-rock influences.  Returning as TOMSEA, ‘Brain Damage’ is a 6 minute, almost medley of genres, starting out all dark-infused with a stripped back tone, growing into an underground electro rhythm, sewn together with intricately placed guitars. This is mesmerising and sinister yet, strangely uplifting.

Weaning Lambs  Talmonttalmont

Cut  Buried In Gold

Based In  London, United Kingdom

Flavours of  Daughter, The Duke Spirit, Howling Bells

Perhaps it’s London’s time again, 2016 has spawned some outstanding artists, many of them taking influence of the darker sides of our minds.  So goes for Talmont, with the quintessential deep bass shuffling rhythms, drifting reverb guitars and a compelling vocal.  Talmont, have delivered a perfectly melancholy and powerful cut. Gripping. Such a find, that we have added the Youtube clip too.


Weaning Lambs  Aloricaloric

Cut  Fate

Based In  London, United Kingdom

Flavours of  Radiohead, Wild Beasts, The Antlers

Rounding off our slightly British theme of indulgent melancholy cuts from London, Aloric continue to work on the powerful palette of epic music, ‘Fate’ showing true signs of the band really understanding what they have the ability to offer to the music world.  Stemming from minimal beginnings, ‘Fate’ builds to a spine-tingling crescendo that is powerful and emotionally crushing.

Weaning Lambs  Yes Sir Noceur ft Aquial Youngyes-sir-noceur

Cut  Turn To Fire

Based In  Gold Coast, Australia

Flavours of  Tame Impala, Summer Camp, La Sera

Yes Sir Noceur (pronounced no-sir) deliver ‘Turn To Fire’, a mind- bending cut that meddles with syncopation, musical genre and emotion in such a way, that by the end of the 4 minutes and 44 seconds, you can easily feel you have just experienced an entire album.  There’s a lot to offer here, but at its closure, there is a realisation that what is offered is simply band with sheer skill and mastery of songwriting.