ft. D.R.A.M, Donny Benet, Danny Brown and Captain Murphy


Hip Hop continues to push the boundaries of music, artistic mediums, genres and expectations. With creations like Captain Murphy, collabs like Kendrick Lamaar, Earl Sweatshirt and Ab-Soul, the Australian dry wit from funk master, Donny Benet and D.R.A.M’s pop mix, our cup runneth over with talent and creativity.



dram-2015-quentin-felder-billboard-650Artist: D.R.A.M

Prime Cut: Cash Machine

Cut From: Hampton, USA

Flavours Of: Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa

D.R.A.M brings new meaning to the word catchy on ‘Cash Machine’ delivering this fresh blend of hip-hop and pop. D.R.A.M is a rapper with a nice voice which is rare, supported by a cheekish piano and light beat, this is one for grooving.


donny-benet-pic-39_0Artist: Donny Benet

Prime Cut: Working Out

Cut From:  Sydney, Australia

Flavours Of: Client Liasion, Luke Million

Donny Benet is all about the funk as he dishes up a creamy delight in the form of ‘Working Out’. Rife with innuendo, this one’s not meant to be taken too seriously. Just sit back and enjoy the synthy goodness.


danny-brownArtist: Danny Brown

Prime Cut: Really Doe

Cut From: Detroit, USA

Flavours Of: Schoolboy Q, Joey Bada$$

Planets collide on the newest tune from Danny Brown. Bringing together rap heavyweights Kendrick Lamaar, Earl Sweatshirt and Ab-Soul, ‘Really Doe’ is sinister and sly, with each verse served with both agression and poise.



flying-lotus-captain-murphy-cosplay-mp3-mainArtist: Captain Murphy

Prime Cut: Crowned

Cut From: Los Angeles, USA

Flavours Of: Clipping, Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus’ animated alter ego Captain Murphy appears again, this time releasing ‘Crowned’ a short song that’s incredibly foreboding. One of the most threatening songs of the year, it’s not likely to pair well with a relaxing night at home alone.