ft. Styles In Black, Ricardo Donoso, Yuko, Swimming Tapes & Negative Gemini


Once again we are hear to remind you that great music never stops. Styles In Black remind us of the great contributions and influence African American culture has had on modern music, Ricardo Donoso’s dark film scores are an excellent example of how music can exist outside of the commonly constructed formulas, Swimming Tapes show us Australia’s current international musical influences and Negative Gemini has our backs when we act a bit too foolishly in love.

1288548__normalArtist: Styles In Black

Prime Cut: ESTILOS

Cut From: Cascadia,  North America

Flavours Of: Avalanches

Styles In Black pulls no punches with ‘ESTILOS’, swing piano, hip-hop, rap, funk and EDM are all interwoven with a prowess rarely seen. ‘ESTILOS’ has something for everyone that will excite and energise your day, whether you’re in the hump day slump or ready to go out and dance till the sum comes up.


1453895705-wd56qllzy0tz2nrclhyvuvx1cwgqdzkeeyr4uqgsArtist: Ricardo Donoso

Prime Cut: Metaphase

Cut From: Rio de JaneiroBrazil

Flavours Of: Johnny Greenwood

Richardo Donoso is a brilliant film score composer, percussionist and grand prize short film winner in Brazilian cinema “Casimiro Effect”. ‘Metaphase’ is a journey through dark, industrial environments, nightmares and desolate minds. It may be hard to digest at first but if you give it the time, ‘Metaphase’ has a wealth of enjoyment to offer the musically adventurous.


mhfeh0bgArtist: Yuko

Prime Cut: Cher Ami

Cut From: Brussels / Ghent, Belgium

Flavours Of: Radiohead / Neil Young

‘Cher Ami’ is the tale of forbidden existence, expectations and the desire for autonomy. Yoko’s performance constantly flirty with darker expressions of the self, encapsulating those uneasy feelings that lurk between the limited linguistic definitions of our emotions.


artworks-000149243783-s7n6zx-t500x500Artist: Swimming Tapes

Prime Cut: Tides

Cut From: London, Uk

Flavours Of: Ocean Party / The Go-Betweens

It would seem that Australia’s penchant for shimmering guitar rhythms, candid lyrics and slightly psych-esque undertones are starting to take an international hold. ‘Tides’ from Swimming Tapes’ self titled Album is an instant classic for roaming around the streets or hanging with mates with a few drinks in the summer time.


Negative Gemini 0007808808_10

Prime Cut: You Never Knew

Cut From: New York, U.S.A

Flavours Of: Still Corners / Sui Zen

Lead single, ‘You Never Knew’ from Negative Gemini’s recently released album Body Work, is the most vocally driven track available. A universal portrayal of miscommunication, self destruction and  obsession. ‘You Never Knew’ is a masterpiece in production and hauntingly emotive vocals.