A Baa Baa Blaah with Annabel Allum Talking Art, Influences and Future Albums


Following the release of her EP ‘Absent’ in August 2015, Annabel has received national airplay on XFM and was described by John Kennedy as “The next big one.” Playing shows with DIY and Killing Moon across the winter, Allum’s live reputation continues to exceed expectation and refuses to be put into a pigeon hole. 

Your sound ranges from raw, tender songs on your first EP Synergy to a much more overwhelming sound like your most recent release Tricks. How do you see your music developing in the future?

Bigger, more texture, more technical!


Tricks is an incredibly exciting track and it shows a real sense of development from your previous releases, what has influenced this change of tone in your music?

I think just from starting to work with a band I’ve really enjoyed having the opportunity to experiment a lot more with instrumentation. With my other recordings I never had the chance to hear how things would sound until I was in the studio, but now I’ve got players I have more time to figure out how I actually want things to sound.


With such a range of different styles in a relatively short space of time; what is your process in developing new music that allows for such creative diversity?

To be honest I think it stems from exposing myself to as many different niches of music as possible. I love it all! I can listen to anything and even if I don’t like it straight away I can always find elements to enjoy. The more you soak up the more you’ve got to ring out.

You use your vocals in a beautiful and unique way that can almost be Bjork-like at times such as on The Ones. What made you develop this way of using vocals?

Honestly, boredom! I did a lot of classical singing when I was younger, sung in a lot of choirs and learned how to sing for musical theatre. I really delved into how sound, breathing, shaping your mouth effects the overall noise and got really into it. Twisting vowels and pushing tonal qualities is really fun. I don’t know- my voice is an instrument and I’m constantly exploring how I can push it to get somewhere else.

For those who didnt know, you design your own merch! Having the opportunity to see your creativity on multiple mediums really shows how self-expressive you are as an individual. What other creative endeavours would you like to expand upon?

Everything! I want to make as much art as I possibly can, in as many forms as I can. I’ve just been confirmed to be part of a film which I’m super excited about. I cant say too much but it’s gonna be great to spend a load of time on set throughout the winter months! I’d like to release a series of paintings some day.


What do you feel has been the greatest learning experience in the past 12 months that you would pass on to other aspiring musicians?

Work hard! What you give is really what you get. Also- don’t stress about industry heads. Impress no one but yourself!


Do you have any plans for an album in the works or can we expect a couple more juicy EPs before that?

Think there’s gonna be a couple EPs first. The album has to be right and there’s some creative avenues I still want to explore first.


The Wandering Lamb is all about new music, who are you listening to at the moment that you think deserves some more attention?

You should really check out Capture and Cassicus. They’re both supporting me at my single launch next week. Rate their sounds massively!