A Baa Baa Blaah With The Lulu Raes Talking Tours, Pre-Show Rituals and Album Artwork

LilyThis year the Lulu Raes are poised to release their debut EP, All Our Parents Are Divorced. The Sydney four-piece will jump straight into a national tour, taking their catchy summer pop tunes to capital stages all over the country. The boys have amassed a solid fan base thanks to a bunch of radio-ready singles that reflect a broad range of influence from The Beatles to Foster The People.

You guys are gearing up to hit the road this spring for the ‘All Our Parents Are Divorced’ headline tour. What’s been the band’s proudest on-stage moment so far, a hint of what to expect at your September shows?

Two moments come to mind for memorable shows- pulling a big crowd for our 11 am breakfast slot at Groovin The Moo in Maitland, and playing the Metro in Sydney when we supported Jungle Giants. That felt like a headline show for us- the crowd was absolutely nuts, and it was a great homecoming for us off the back of the tour.


In fact you’re no strangers to a tour, having just supported The Jungle Giants on theirs. Can you let us in on any Lulu Rae pre-show rituals that help keep your sunny pop glowing night after night?

We tried to do a group huddle before one show, but it just felt awkward. We’re not sporty dudes and we suck at hype up speeches. Now we just kinda clink our beers together, make a little bit of extended eye contact, then we’re off to push and shove each other, trying to decide who the unlucky dude is that has to walk out first when we go onstage. It’s all love.


What prompts you to pair your love of pure pop with way out of the box music videos? (The super creative vid for The Way Life Runs or the indie cinematic vibe of Infinite Paradise springs to mind).

‘Infinite Paradise’ just has that classic sports training montage vibe- it was a no brainer. You can’t hear it without shadow boxing. Shout out to bass boy, Marcus for coming up with the idea and directing- he’s a goddamn triple threat.

After releasing a string of singles over the last couple of years, August will see you drop your debut EP ‘All Our Parents Are Divorced’. Was the writing and recording process approached with a theme or trajectory in mind for the record?

After putting out a bunch of singles with videos, we decided it was time to give our fans something bigger and something they could physically hold in their hands. They’ve been nothing but great to us, so this is our thank you to them before we start working on album number 1. This collection of tracks has been in the live show for a while, so now you can listen to them at home.


Your tunes have always received praise for being fun and catchy. What has turned out to be the most somber song you’ve ever written?

‘Never Leave’ actually used to be a little acoustic number that Eddie and Taras had cooked up, and it was a real tear jerker. We’ve vamped it up to be a feel good song that has those soaring guitars, but originally it was way more mellow and had a real fragile quality to the vocals and lyrics. That version makes me think about some sad times, but it’s good to do that occasionally. Makes you appreciate the good times.

You guys have graced a few festival stages. If you were to design a dream line up of your own, who would play at it?

Dream line up straight up is us doing a 7 hour set with a bar onstage and any instrument we wanted just waiting on the side. Tom can finally do the 1 hour timpani solo he’s been practicing for ages. Call it Lulu-palooza.


Your recently revealed the EP art for ‘All Our Parents Are Divorced’ actually suggests the band is one happy little family. What’s the best (and worst) part of being in a band with your best mates?

Best part is you have people to turn to when stuff gets a bit hectic, but also they’re the reason it usually gets hectic. You fight, you laugh, you say stuff you don’t mean and everyone is brothers again by the end of the day. We all love it, and wouldn’t want it any other way