ft. The Peep Tempel, D.D Dumbo, White Bleaches, Tegan and Sara and Mild High Club


Great music is constantly being created but there are always those few tracks that stand out and just blow you away. This week, The Peep Tempel grab our attention with their politics, D.D Dumbo with his experimental take on pop, White Bleaches show why the world is paying attention to Australia’s psych-garage scene. Tegan and Sara finally give us something new and Mild High Club get us a worked up with their sexy, laissez-fair tunes. Another great week for music!

The Peep TempeArtist: The Peep Tempel

Prime Cut: Rayguns

Cut From: Melbourne, Australia

Flavours Of: Bad//Dreems

The Peep Tempel are gearing up for the release of their new album with ‘Rayguns’, a chaotic explosion of noise-punk. Guitar screeches and squeals against the relentless drive of bass, as Blake Scott rambles on about political blabber. It’s just too damn short.


D.D DumboArtist: D.D Dumbo

Prime Cut: Walrus

Cut From: Castlemaine, Australia

Flavours Of: Tash Sultana

Harmonics ring from his guitar, before that trademark D.D Dumbo sound swoops in with yet another captivating melody. ‘Walrus’ is a triumph of deconstructed pop and bluesy flair, and somehow Dumbo manages to make experimental sounds, so damn catchy, and we love it.


whitebleachesArtist: White Bleaches

Prime Cut: Ease the Pain

Cut From: Melbourne, Australia

Flavours Of: Brian Jonestown Massacre / Verge Collection

White Bleaches are only new to Melbourne’s psych-garage scene, but ‘Ease the Pain’ off their debut EP, shows that they’re up there with some of the best. A simple acoustic progression is all it takes, as a tremolo soaked guitar wails above it, accompanied by Anthony Lacarruba’s laid-back vocals.


Tegan and SaraArtist: Tegan and Sara

Prime Cut: Fade Out

Cut From: Calgary, Canada

Flavours Of: Ladyhawke / St Vincent

Although it may be from a film soundtrack, at least we have new music from Tegan and Sara. Contributing to the film, The Intervention. ‘Fade Out’ is another synth-pop love song from the duo, with some major 80’s vibes.


MildHighClubArtist: Mild High Club

Prime Cut: Kokopelli

Cut From: Chicago, Los Angeles

Flavours Of: Mac Demarco / Foreign National

Like sitting in a dark room with a candle burning slowly in the corner, Mild High Club set a sexy, laid-back vibe on the latest from their upcoming album. ‘Kokopelli’ is a slow grinding synth affair, the wandering bass groove with just that touch of Alexander Brettin’s effortlessly cool croon makes this a touching slacker pop tune.