ft. Allan Smithy, Banks & Steelz, Alex Lahey, Ross Henry and GL

Keegan2Sweet sassy mollassy do we have some good tunes for you this week. If you’re still dealing with your Splendour hangover or possibly just dealing with the trials and tribulations of life itself, then The Wandering Lamb are here to help. We can’t fix your problems, but have some songs that’ll stop the burning sensation for a little bit. A few fresh ones and a couple that have been resting in the bain-marie for a bit, but are still good to eat. Dig in!


allan smithArtist: Allan Smithy

Prime Cut: 4 Letter Reason

Cut From: Sydney

Flavours Of: The Go-Betweens / Dick Diver

Performing under the pseudonym of Allan Smithy, Matt Avery (Tin Sparrow) gives us a song, riddled with nostalgia. A tune about growing up, going nowhere and giving over your dollars to live in the human ball pit that is Sydney. Anybody aware of the film origins of Avery’s variation on the name ‘Alan Smithee’ (look it up) will listen and be perplexed at the notion of Avery disowning this quality tune.


juoh1TkkArtist: Banks & Steelz

Prime Cut: Giant

Cut From: New York

Flavours Of: Interpol / Wu-Tang Clan

The collaborative effort from Paul Banks (Interpol) & RZA (Wu-Tang Clan) has bore fruit in the form of ‘Giant’. Somehow finding the right balance between Banks’ post-punk rock and RZA’s hip hop. RZA has referred to the relationship between the two as “buddies playing chess”. Well in the case of ‘Giant’, Banks & Steelz have got us in “check” and for some reason we think we’re playing checkers.


dOFSw4usArtist: Alex Lahey

Prime Cut: Ivy League

Cut From: Melbourne

Flavours Of: Ali Barter / Courtney Barnett

This song is for all the arts students out there with big dreams! ‘Ivy League’ opens Alex Lahey’s newly released EP B-Grade University providing a fuzz pop ladled song that’s ridiculously fun, if not a little depressing. It’s a song about the best of university intentions and purpose resulting in sweet stuff all. If you’re an arts student don’t worry too much, if you wanted job security you could of studied podiatry.


zbcopKaMArtist: Ross Henry

Prime Cut: The Deep

Cut From: Sydney

Flavours Of: UV Boi / Golden Features

Ross Henry crafts an intricately laced song that “looks at the strangeness in the mundane”. ‘The Deep’ is ridden with both warm and chilling textures that roll over and penetrate the skin. It follows the success of Henry’s ‘The Forresters House’ and is a promising glimpse into a bright future. A song that’s made for open space and vast expanses.


66097df0-a8ce-4d85-beed-5afa50dfd346Artist: GL

Prime Cut: Hallucinate

Cut From: Melbourne

Flavours Of: Madonna, Client Liaison

To be honest, any of the songs from GL’s new album Touch could easily feature as a prime cut. An incredibly impressive debut from the Melbourne duo, ‘Hallucinate’ is synth-electro funk at its sparkly best. This is the equivalent of elevator music for a time machine and is just damn brilliant!