ft. SIGNAL, Babygirl, YASSASSIN, Astronauts, Juliana Wilson, Scotdrakula and Clippings

Jarryd2This week we have a chosen some prime examples of why it’s important to remember to look outside the box. SIGNAL brings in some classic bluesy rock, Babygirl will capture you with their dreamy pop apathy before YASSASSIN remind you that it’s okay to do you. Astronauts bring a kind tenderness for the gentle souls, musical prodigy, Julian Wilson, will dazzle you, Scotdrakula will connect with you before Clippings finishes you off  with some whip lash inducing rap. 


signalWeening Lamb: SIGNAL

Track: Still Right Here

Based In: Brooklyn, USA

Flavours Of: Arctic Monkey, Jack Ladder

Krycheck’s Single ‘Still Right Here’, from their latest EP SIGNAL, is a deliciously atmospheric indie throw back to 80’s pop synth and dramatic declarations of love and regret. Something for you to plug in late at night when you’re alone with your thoughts. It’s the kind of self indulgence we all need from time to time.


Babygirl-PromoWeening Lamb: Babygirl

Track: Overboard

Based In: Toronto, USA

Flavours Of: 

Continuing our love affair with dreamy sad pop we have Babygirl’s ‘Overboard’ a self proclaimed ode to the unrealistic pressures put on young people to determine the course of the rest of their lives. Simple beats and delayed tremolo pickings help direct the attention to the vocal melodies and lyrics, the real heroes of this indi track. Keep an eye out for their up coming EP As You Wish, dropping July 29th.


YassassinWeening Lamb: YASSASSIN

Track: Social Politics

Based In: London, England

Flavours Of:  Hinds

‘Social Politics’ is a manifestation against the “Zombie Scene” induced by pressures to conform. This eclectic group of artists are giving no fucks with their 90’s inspired garage rock. Catching melodies, rambunctious rhythms and hectic energy will make this a killer house party track.


astronautsWeening Lamb: Astronauts

Track: Skeleton

Based In: London, England

Flavours Of: Elliot Smith

Starting with some intriguingly dissonant effects on guitar, ‘Skeleton’ creates an instrumentation of tenderness and sincerity that is hard to fake. ‘Skeleton’ is a slow burn song, chuck it on once and you’ll enjoy it but before too long you’ll be hitting repeat and annoying your friends with how much you’re humming this beauty.


juliana wilsonWeening Lambs: Juliana Wilson

Track: Blah Blah Blah

Based In: New York, USA

Flavours Of: Lana Del Rey

You may have heard of Juliana Wilson, the 13 year old prodigy who had the interest of 25 different records labels in 2014 and now we know why. Boasting vocals that can bust out dry wit and scathing reproach with the best of them. ‘Blah Blah Blah’ is a fun party anthem dressed in a leather jacket. We can’t wait to see where Wilson’s hard work takes her.


scotdrakulaWeening Lamb: Scotdrakula

Track: Skeleton Fever

Based In: Melbourne

Flavours Of: Kings Of Leon

Their first release since the departure of bassist, Dove Baiely. ‘Skeleton Fever’ is a more somber track than previous songs but still manages to retain a nervous energy below the surface. A’Skeleton Fever’ is the personification of internal conflict. Anxieties, determination and manifest destiny, of sorts. It looks like Scotdrakula have an impressive future ahead of them.


clippingsWeening Lamb: Clipping 

Track: Wriggle

Based In: L.A, USA

Flavours Of: Kendrick Lemar

Sometimes you stumble upon a song and you can’t let it go. That’s what we have here with Clipping’s, ‘Wiggle’. Clippings started off as a remix group for the purpose of entertaining themselves but soon moved on to the realms original content. Wriggle boasts and impressive amount of energy, skill and insight into a life rarely seen and barely understood.