ft. Safia, Blood Orange, Tycho, Weezer, The John Steel Singers and Big Scary

jamesLittle names but big talent dominated this week. Safia continues their track record of quality electro dance inducing hits. Blood Orange continues to evolve without missing a beat, Tycho challenges the ear with disguised complexity, Weezer, well you know what to expect and Big Scary finish us off with a more delicate rendition of their much loved sound.



SAFIAArtist: Safia

Prime Cut: Over You

Cut From: Canberra, ACT

Flavours Of: Chet Faker, Maron Five, Skirllex

Safia have had an excellent few years without a debut album the airplay from commercial radio, particularly the backing from “ear-bashing tracks” Triple J, honoured them with Unearthed track of the year 2012.  The duo producers (Ben Woolner and Michael Bell) and more recent synth and guitar player (Harry Sayers) have strengthened their Australian music leadership with the electro-pop-funk track ‘Over You’ to be taken from their debut set for delivery in September.


blood orangeArtist: Blood Orange

Prime Cut: Augustine

Cut From: New York, NYC

Flavours Of: Rhye, Prince, Autre Ne Veut

Blood Orange has always crossed musical genres in all the music he has created, sometimes soulful then electronic, sometimes R&B and then suddenly pop.  ‘Augustine’ is no different, a musical journey of drum machine, piano and layered vocals, Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange) digs deep into his past and writes the most personal lyrics of his career.  Hynes continues his quest to break musical barriers with this utterly compelling and beautiful song.


TychoArtist: Tycho

Prime Cut: Division

Cut From: San Francisco, California

Flavours Of: Bonobo, Four Tet, Caribou

Tycho continues to mark his territory as one of the most progressive electronic DJ’s/Producers around today, with his ability to bring shuffled beats, swirling frequencies and layered guitars together in complete harmony.  ‘Divisions’ follows a 7/8 time in an almost chaotic rhythm but blended with his trademark sound, this is yet another blissed out track that offers a sense of freedom and uplifting quality.


WeezerArtist: Weezer

Prime Cut: I Love the USA

Cut From: Los Angeles, California

Flavours Of: Ben Folds Five, Superchunk, Eels

Scary to think that it has been over 20 years since Weezer released their debut self-titled album. Who would have thought that the band will still be making relevant music in 2016.   With their return album delivered imminently, the band have released a stand-alone track, ‘I Love the USA’, a power rock ballad with glitchy keys, its restrained for these original slacker college rockers, and really perfectly suited.


The John Steele SingersArtist: The John Steel Singers

Prime Cut: Midnight at the Plutonium

Cut From: Brisbane, Australia

Flavours Of: Foster The People,  Wild Nothing, Peter Bjorn and John

The John Steele Singers never settle, each of their releases over the last 5 years whether be their Eps or two studio albums, have bridged gaps between funk, pop, electro and rock.  ‘Midnight at the Plutonium’, the title track from their soon to be delivered album, shows the band at the most accomplished and upon its release will have them moving up the festival ladder.  This is full of summer vibes, confidence and sheer groove indulgence.


big scaryArtist: Big Scary

Prime Cut: The Opposite of Us

Cut From: Melbourne, Australia

Flavours Of: James Vincent McMorrow, The Tallest Man on Earth

Animal is the duo’s third studio album and follow up to the Australian Music Prize award winning Not Art. The ir sound, although in the vein of what we have come to expect from this unique talent, is stripped back and almost vulnerably delicate in its arrangement.  A welcome return with a deeper and more considered sound, their newly announced National tour in Australia will be a sell out.