ft. Sunday, Trudy & The Romance, MANWOMANCHILD, Sacred Shrines and Basement Revolver

jamesDredging tirelessly through another fortnight of undiscovered music, we had the opportunity to listen through over 250 songs to bring you another 5 that floated above the rest.  With no agenda for country or musical genre, we proudly support some great Australian talent, travel as far as Liverpool, Philadelphia and  Ontario to bring you some impressive new music from artists who deserve your attention.


Sunday Aaron ShanahanWeaning Lamb: Sunday

Track: Waiting For You

Based In: Melbourne, Australia

Flavours Of: Japaneses Wallpaper, Miami Horror

Sunday is the side project for Aaron Shanahan who is one third of dreamy electro outfit, Miami Horror.  Sonically, this track is layered with gorgeous glitches, drifting vocals that glide through a euphoric and dreamlike state.  The video is perfectly crafted to reflect the underlying feeling of freedom and escapism, a gentle yet uplifting electronic wonder.


trudy and the romanceWeaning Lamb: Trudy & The Romance

Track: Wild

Based In: Liverpool, United Kingdom

Flavours Of: The Strokes, The Libertines, Iggy Pop

The band brand their music as “Mutant 50’s pop”, an ear worm of a song from the moment the bass and drum kick in.  The odd, almost drunken slacker rhythm and brilliant vocal drool makes this the most unique track we have heard in some time.  It is shambolic, clever and revels in good times.


manwomanchildWeaning Lamb: MANWOMANCHILD

Track: Change The Channel

Based In: Philadelphia, PA

Flavours Of: The Boy Least Likely To, Real Estate,  Belle & Sebastian

Melody comes easy for MANWOMANCHILD, you only have to listen to “Change The Channel” once to feel like you have heard the song many times before.  The first single to be delivered from their second album, “Awkward Island” the album took 5 years to complete, across 3 different cities.  Why?  We don’t know but whatever the result, this is pure pop at its best.


Sacred ShrinesWeaning Lamb: Sacred Shrines

Track: Collisions

Based In: Brisbane, Australia

Flavours Of: King Gizzard, Green Buzzard, The Dandy Warhols

Brisbane continues to deliver some exceptional bands that ooze confidence, breadth and effortless cool.  Introducing, Sacred Shrines who is one such band, a 5 piece garage/psychedelic gathering that sounds refreshingly confident and commanding.  Collisions is powerful and ballsy track, capturing the right balance of rock anthem and gritty pop edge.


basement-revolver-bandWeaning Lamb: Basement Revolver

Track: Words

Based In: Hamilton, Ontario

Flavours Of: The Cranberries, Daughter, Little May

Crisy, one third of Basement Revolver, wrote “Words” while writing her honours pysch thesis, the simplicity of the song created with the swirl of reverbed and distorted chords, while rolling drums and Crisy’s vocals circle repetitiously in an almost hypnotic state.  A wondrous track delivered simply with a whole lot of heart and a sense of loneliness.  Rather beautiful.