ft. Brandyn Burnette (L.A), False Heads (Essex), Fenster (Berlin), Oktavian (L.A), Skinny Blonde (N.Y) and Moglii & NOVAA

Jarryd2Well, once again we have combed through hundreds of amazing tracks this fortnight and picked out a bit of diversity in genres. A bit of punk, soul, indi, electronic and dreamy pop this time because, at The Wandering Lamb, we believe that a diverse range of interests and tastes is good for the soul.



BrunetteArtist: Brandyn Burnette

Track: The State I’m In

Based In: Los Angeles, U.S

Flavours Of: John Mayer, Coldplay, Sam Cooke

Burnette teases the listener with soulful fills, deep bass and vocals that soar through an impressive range of emotions. Nothing is wasted in ‘The State I’m In’, even silence, a sign of someone who understands their music.


falseheads44Artist: False Heads

Track: Thick Skin

Based In: Essex

Flavours Of: Arctic Monkeys, Blur

When you’re cited as one of Iggy Pop’s favourite up and comings, do you really need to explain yourself? False Heads are unapologetic yet without pretension, half polished punk and they are sick and tired of the same old shit.


fArtist: Fenster

Track: Memories

Based In: Berlin

Flavours Of: Major Leagues

Sometimes it’s nice to listen to something easy, where you know the musicians are playing for the pure joy of the act. Fensters light hearted take is infectious in both melody and spirit.


OktavianArtist: Oktavian

Track: Truth Hurts

Based In: Los Angeles

Flavours Of: James Blake

While the lyrics may be simple, the harmonies pumping out of this track by Oktavian is like milk and honey. Smooth, sweet and revitalising for the soul. Nothing hurts about this track.


2134Artist: Skinny Blonde

Track: King

Based In: New York U.S

Flavours Of: LCD Sound System

There is something almost perplexing about Skinny Blonde, as an indi band that push the boundaries into soul jazz. Lyrically think Cold Play ‘When I Ruled The World’ but with some actual artistic integrity.


novaacrpArtist: MOGLII X NOVAA

Track: Same

Based In: ???

Flavours Of: HABITS

A chaotic, aural representation of an uncertain mind. Their music may sound like madness without method but like anxiety, there is reason and rhym to every beat, fill, pause and harmony. An electroinic track that melts into your ears and sparks kaleidoscopic visuals behind closed eyes.