Ft. Dappled Cities, Tegan & Sara, Merchandise, Local Natives, Earring

It’s not an easy task to select 5 unique cuts of music each week with the intention of introducing you to brand new music that you may have otherwise missed or not heard before.  This isn’t necessarily about music that we are into either, but more about music that we know “works”. Whether it be the lyrics, the production or even just the stand-alone quality of the people behind the music.  This week, is the perfect example of this, from Tegan & Sara and their electro-pop goodness to the grimy distorted guitars of very underground shoegazers, Earring. Along with the long-lasting Australian indie band Dappled Cities, or Los Angeles Local Natives or the return of underrated Merchandise, it’s a mix tape of many layers and a reminder on how bloody diverse we are.  Enjoy!

Artist: Dappled CitiesDappled City

Prime Cut: That Sound

Cut From: Byron Bay, Australia

Flavours Of: Fiction, Boy & Bear

Dappled City are no flash in the pan, “That Sound” is the band’s latest single to be delivered from their fifth studio album, expected October.  Within moments of the opening moments, we can hear the professional, considered and expert qualities of these talented friends.  The Production delivers a  texture of sounds, from the funky bass, jangly guitar and lush harmonies packaged into a satisfying, 3 and half minutes. Tim Derricourt vocals are standout and sew together this brilliant track with ease and charm.


Artist: Tegan and Sarategan and Sara

Prime Cut: BWU

Cut From: Calgary, Canada

Flavours Of: Chvrches, Purity Ring, Saint Etienne

Speaking of no “flashes in the pan” Tegan and Sara may sound like your typical electro-pop one album wonders, but BWU is in fact taking from their eighth studio album.  Beyond their highly addictive and sugary coated electro cuts about adolescents and the trials and tribulations of life, the two are prominent advocates for the LGBT community and now more than ever, is a voice needed and we will take it any way it comes.  BWU comes across sugary but equally mature pop music, just listen a little deeper.



Artist: MerMerchandisechandise

Prime Cut: Flower of Sex

Cut From: Tampa, Florida

Flavours Of: Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders,  Eagulls, Interpol

Tampa, Florida may well be synonymous with sun, tans and free-spirits, however deep within the polished cracks spawns great bands like Merchandise, who hit their stride with their brilliant album “After The End”, a collection of noise driven and punk laden tracks but with great melody clearly cut within.  “Flower of Sex” may well see the band finally get the recognition deserved, still dark, still underground but yet so accessible.


Artist: Local NativesLocal-Natives-compressed-460x280

Prime Cut: Villainy

Cut From: Los Angeles, California

Flavours Of: The National, Animal Collective, Mystery Jets

In 2009 Local Natives released one of the best debut’s in recent times (big call yes!) a band that has the ability to layer songs with melody upon melody.  Following their equally strong sophomore release “Hummingbird”, an album a little darker and introspective, “Villiany” sees the almighty foursome meld together their two styles with a touch of pop and an equal measure of melancholy but always with their unmissable harmonious chants.  A wonderful return to form for this outstanding band.


Artist: Earringearrring

Prime Cut: Smile Like Hell

Cut From: Chicago, USA

Flavours Of: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Suicide, My Bloody Valentine

With all the carefully produced music that floods the current indie music scene, it is bands like Earrings, that remind us how good it is to hear lo-fi and raw recordings, like “Smile Like Hell”.  The guitars are grimy and dirty and the simplicity of the cut makes it monotonously wonderful and is reminder that sometimes things should be left as they are.